An Introduction to Sri-Somanatha  

Dear  Sir or Madam,

Once in a while an authentic rare being comes along to reintroduce us to the truth of the One Consciousness existing as The Self in All Beings. Once in a while we are reminded of the truth of the divinity of The Self dwelling in all beings. Beings such as would remind us of this fact are incredibly rare and precious because without them life may be more difficult for us.

By way of introducing Sri-Somanatha Maharshi’s pending visit to Perth in early September of  2004 we would like to ask that you peruse the following document in the light of making this information known to your board of directors, members, friends and family for the purposes of attending a Free Seminar or Workshop featuring Sri Somanatha Maharshi.

These workshops and seminars will be very deep and complete, please don't think the word FREE implies little of consequence. Click Here to See How Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's ManoYoga Help You

Sri Somanatha Maharshi, is one such rare and authentic being as can be seen from the work he has so far completed both in India and abroad. Examples are:  

1.       Conducted Manoyoga sessions to more than 500,000 Children over the last 5 years.

2.     Conducted camps for diabetes and cardiac patients.

3.      Constructing a modern school on 50 acres in Hyderabad

4.      Founder of a huge Ashram in Hyderabad, India. Which continues to administer much aid to the poor and needy.  

5.     Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's Yoga has also been implemented in many prisons and hospitals through-out Andhra Pradesh and he continues his on-going charity work amoung the poor.

6.     New Information: Sri Somanatha Maharshi has today prepared and set aside 300 Manoyoga Teachers to offer their services for implementing Manoyoga Practice in Prisons and also in many educational Institutions initially in the state of Andhra Pradesh numbering to more than 144 prisons , 3000 colleges, thousands of schools, universities.

7.    His message has been broadcast to millions of families all over Asia via the Sun  Network and the Gemini Satellite TV network every morning for the last 7 years.  

Sri Somanatha Maharshi, a Self-realized Yoga Master and renowned Yogi teaches us to turn inward to rediscover our innate divinity via a new yoga technique which he has called Manoyoga.

From the unique techniques of Manoyoga various physiological and psychological benefits, (which were verified medically) can be learned by anyone, they can be used to supplement modern medicine in mitigating the debilitating effects of a variety of complex physiological and psychological disorders. Manoyoga has also been proven to benefit young students in improving their academic capabilities and physique.

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Sri-Somanatha Maharshi has agreed to give workshops, lectures and interviews for the people of Perth on a donation only basis . Please read below to see the scientifically and medically proven benefits of Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's  Manoyoga.

Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's Perth Itinerary includes:

  • Being Available on Friday the 3rd of September between 10:00am and 12:pm for interviews (for details call 0403-374-769)

  • An opening lecture at the Beacon Yoga Center 151 South Street Beaconsfield starting at 7:30pm on Friday the 3rd of September.

  • Two workshops and lectures at the Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre 210 Carradine Rd Bedfordale on Saturday the 4th and one in the evening of Sunday the 5th of September at the Same Venue.

  • A visit to the Mata-Amrit-Anandamayi Centre in Southlakes on Sunday morning of the 5th of September at 9:00am to 10:00pm (for details call 0403-374-769)

  • Private appointments and interviews will be conducted between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm on Sunday the 5th. Places are very limited so please Click here to Make an appointment

  • Two more workshops will be conducted at the Ethnic  Communities Council Hall 20 View Street North Perth on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Note: All workshops and lectures will be free of charge however there will be a donation box for those who would like to contribute to Sri-Somanatha's on-going work.

(Click Here to See Sri-Somanatha Maharshi's Itinerary)

Many of us do not know about, or do not have access to, information or tools, which would enable us to turn our lives around in a spiritual sense, or if we do, we find it difficult to find the time to attend the various classes or apply techniques (which we may or may not know of) in our lives. The seminars we propose to present to you upon the visit of Sri Somanatha Maharshi will be geared toward providing these tools to all.


Having spent 30 years perfecting his Sadhana (spiritual practice) in the forests of Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh which included 14 years of motionless Samadhi (constant meditation) Sri Somanatha Maharshi is more than qualified to instruct us in ways that will provide us with the tools to heal ourselves.


The techniques taught by Sri-Somanatha are easy to learn and easy to apply, yielding lasting benefits and readily accessible tools for dealing with our troubles in this modern age.


Sri Somanatha Maharshi is recognized all over India, The United States and many parts of Asia as a great being who is interested in the upliftment of mankind by way of working to bring about an ongoing transformation of the pain, heart-ache and suffering we each endure during our lives.

His message has been broadcast to millions of families all over Asia via the Sun  Network and the Gemini Satellite TV network every morning for the last 7 years.

Many, many people start their day with a kind word or wise advice from Swamji, taking thoughts of God with them as they rush off to earn their daily bread. Swamji's message can only enhance our lives and temper our treatment of each other with the love He continues to remind us of, day in day out.


Reference to Sri Somanatha’s ongoing work can be found on the Gemini Network Breakfast Show as Somanatha Sathakam. The Satharkam - ( 100 poems )  are yoga secrets revealed in poetic form.


Further there is a plaque to commemorate this great achievement set in the shallow cave where he performed this motionless Sadhana.

See this Web Site for more information ….

We would welcome any correspondence in this regard.

The duration of Sri-Somanantha’s visit will depend upon the interest we as a community have in what he has to share with us. To that end we would also  like to propose that the media get behind this wonderful opportunity of Sri - Somanatha’s visit in the interests of the wider community.

We recommend that this opportunity of such a great yogi visiting Perth be not overlooked or treated lightly as it is a very rare occurrence.

Finally Sri-Somanatha invites sponsorships and invitations from Research and Medical establishments to teach this practice to different target groups and professional people; and to further record the  benefits and to spread this highly beneficial practice far and wide.

Should you wish to receive a synopsis of Sri-Somanantha’s method and scientific findings and documents gathered from medical and scientifically controlled test cases, please do not hesitate to call or Email us in this regard.

Again See this Web Site for more information:

The Ananta Yoga Web feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to invite Sri-Somanatha Maharshi to Perth, we pray that  the numbers of interested parties make his visit viable.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact The Sri Somanatha Kshetram Ashram directly.
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 With respect and love

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