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Lighthouses and Beacons as a search term returns over 550 items. The wonderful travelling exhibition Beacons by the Sea has been in part the catalyst in the large increase of images and records to be found online.

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The success of your searching is most often determined by the choice of key words and then refining your search by including or excluding additional criteria. I have attempted to shortcut the process for you by showing as many relevant thumbnail images as I could find. The image above is its full size, so by going to the photo search option and typing in the reference numbers below each image or, typing in a series number, you will be able to click onto images in greater detail. NB: New images are continually being loaded as they are requested.

Series number A6247   Title   Glass plate copy negatives of Australian coastal lighthouses

NB: I am only showing those images which features the lighthouse itself. See more NAA images of the Lighthouse tender crew at work.


Series number A1200  Title Photographic negatives and prints, single number series with 'L' [Library] prefix

The date attributed to this series of images is 1963, the first year of MV Cape Don as the Lighthouse Tender servicing WA and NT. Certainly, some of the images appear very poed and may well have been a promotional set of images taken on the Cape Don's maiden voyage.


Series number A8763 Title  Photographic colour negatives, single number with 'KN' [Colour Negatives] prefix