The MV Cape Don Crew at Work

Colin Bishop Collection



Relocation of Great Sandy Island to Cape Naturaliste Museum

Mt Blaze - possible demolition of tower decommissioned in 1948


The amphibious LARC is an essential in enabling the crew to get ashore to do the mechanical and electrical servicing of the lights and towers.



Photos by Colin Bishop


Photos by Colin Bishop


The Cape Don would also transport the Keepers and their families between postings, on holidays, and occasionally at times of medical emergencies. The ship is set up with its own passenger cabins and sitting rooms. However, as in Colin's case, there was no reason why they couldn't go ashore and help out with the regular maintenance jobs whilst in transit between lights.


Of course there were also times when the crew and keepers could relax en route to their next destination

or gather at the annual Christmas Party at the CLS workshop in Fremantle.


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