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Fraser Island

Admiralty Reference # no longer exists
~1936 - ~1966

Ralph Meakins Collection

 Not only does the Fraser Island Lighthouse no longer exist, neither does Fraser Island! 


The Fraser Island Light replaced the Point Cloates Lighthouse (Ruin) which was damaged by earthquakes. After Fraser Island and her light disappeared, a temporary light was displayed until a new Light was positioned back on the coast on Perth Hill, a short distance from the original Point Cloates Lighthouse light, and was first exhibited on July 16, 1966. The Lights were originally important for the whaling industry which was located in Norwegian Bay and for the passing pearling luggers and transport ships along the NW coast to Singapore. 


Initially when the Lighthouse was built it was described as being on a sandy islet 23ft high with the acetylene gas fuelled light exhibited at an elevation of 97ft from a framework tower74ft high. (Ref: Cumming et al)  The tower was repaired in 1949 and later destroyed about 1966 when strong winds literally blew the island away from the base of the lighthouse tower as can be seen in the photos below. 


Satellite photos show the shadow of the tower still visible in the shallow water accompanied by the shadow of a previous wreck.

There is an awesome sense of wonder at the power of nature to "move an island".


All photos on this page by Ralph Meakins circa 1965

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