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Breaksea Is

Admiralty Reference # 1800
1858 - present

1858 - 1926 1901 1901 -

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Designer :
First Lit :
1 January 1858
Tower structure :
Tower Height :
Elevation :
Range :
Illuminating apparatus :
Fuel :
Light Character :
Latitude :

Historical Details

Signalling difficulties with distance and weather- underwater telegraph cable July 1885

Flags - difficult in calms, fogs...

balls and flag staff June 1861

1869 semaphore


Photo credit: Dragi Markovic and DEWHA



In 2009, the Department of Environment and Conservation received a $1,303,500 grant through the Commonwealth Jobs Fund to restore the key heritage infrastructure on the island. The scope of the project was to stabilise the 1858 lighthouse; reinstate the 1889 extensions to the lighthouse; reinstate and repair the lighthouse keeper's two houses; and repair a jetty built in 1958.

Mr Marmion said restoration works had recently been completed in line with the national Burra Charter that covered restoration of heritage buildings.

“A distinctive feature of the works has been the use of traditional techniques and materials to conserve the houses and the lighthouse,” he said.

“These techniques have included using lime plaster for the interiors of the cottages, matching the original plaster finish; and fabricating rainwater tanks and stands based on archival drawings and photographs.
”In addition, new timber flooring has been matched and nailed in the traditional manner.  Even the design of the new windows and doors is based on templates and details collected from remains of items found on site.”

The houses had been completed to lockup stage. The next phase would be to complete internal fixtures so the buildings were suitable for occupation.  The jetty had been restored. The lighthouses and extensions have been restored externally to stabilise and conserve the integrity of the structures.




Keepers Cottage



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