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Admiralty Reference # 1810
- present? or ~2000?

On the jetty.

 Does anyone have a photo we can scan and use? 

on the first part of the breakwater

1901 - ? 19?- ~2000


A red ordinary lantern was fixed on a 15 ft wooden platform on the Town Jetty on 1901.

A modern steel tower which was erected at the end of the breakwater is no longer visible on aerial photos from 2003 (see pic above)


a selection of a photo taken by Time Bradshaw and posted on pbase titled Past the Breakwater in Esperance. Very difficult to see - even with a red arrow!

The Google map image captured alongside shows the photo would have been taken from the smaller jetty to the left.

The following digitised news article comes from online via TROVE - see also Figure of Eight Island - the locals were certainly keen to ensure something was done to improve the navigation lights in their coastal area and what an innovative suggestion!


Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954)

Sunday 19 September 1937



New American Idea Suggested

It is considered by many local citizens that the entrance to the harbour at Esperance Bay would be made more safe and accessible if the Commonwealth Lighthouse and Navigation Department erected a couple of lights.


In this connection Mr. H. C. Sims, late secretary of the Esperance Road Board wrote to the member for Kalgoorlie (Mr. A. E. Green) suggesting that the Commonwealth Department concerned might consider whether it would be possible to adopt proposals which are said to be under consideration by the Lighthouse Service of the ILSA, for the installation on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of a number of robot lightships, operated by radio from the shore.

Mr. Green, M.H.R. got in touch with the Commonwealth Lighthouse and Navigation Department, which intimated that it was keeping in close touch with lighthouse technique in America and elsewhere. Possibly, one of these days (or nights) Esperance will have its two robot lights scintillating.


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No! Not a real Lighthouse   Esperance Ports Magazine rePORT May 2008

Lighthouse Landmark Refurbishment

If you have passed the Taylor Street Tearooms

recently you may have noticed a couple

of changes with the lighthouse recently

undergoing a revamp, courtesy of local painting

contractor Doug Brown with financial support

from the Port.


The lighthouse was built and installed in the

gardens in 2003 by Port employee Andreas Maier.

The lighthouse was built to honour local Esperance

fisherman and legend Don Mackenzie, with both

the construction of the gardens and the lighthouse

supported by the Port with the welcome assistance

of locals such as Doug.


This is the first time since 2003 that the lighthouse

has seen a revamp and we are pretty happy

with the final product. If you look really carefully,

you will see that there is also a new addition

  a mermaid to watch over the gardens!

Allocation of Port Community Contributions

Port employee Andreas Maier pictured with local painter Doug Brown.


Cumming et al: Lighthouses on the Western Australian coast and off-shore islands 1995

TROVE - an online search engine of the National Library of Australia- digitised newspapers, Photos and other resources.