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Browse Island

Admiralty Reference # 1642
1945, 1958 - present

Ralph Meakins Collection

Photo by Ralph Meakins

Photo by Lyndon O'Grady

An acetylene powered light was first established in 1945. The light was converted to solar power in 1985, operating  an electric FA 251 beacon. The bolted steel square lattice framework tower (above) was built in 1958 and held a white flashing light at an elevation of 39m at the southern end of the island off Derby. (Cummins et al.)

Photo courtesy of Dan Holloway

Calling the World from Browse Island as part of an IOTA event in 2000

Photo by Ralph Meakin

This is an automatic weather station


This ship wreck is on the Register of the National Estate (database# 010175) as, while it was so exposed, it provides an opportunity for studying the structural details of a large nineteenth century iron sailing vessel, typical of ones which played an important role in the development of colonial Western Australia. Records show at least 6 wrecks on Browse in 1870-90 when guano was mined

Photo by Ralph Meakins


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