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Arthur Head
original latitude 37.07.14S  longitude 115.45.12E
1851 - 1902

Before a lighthouse was built on the headland, beacon fires were used to guide ships into Fremantle at night. However this system was open to error. The pilot of the Amelia, when she ran aground on Stragglers Rocks, claimed he had mistaken a fire on the mainland for the beacon on 'Gaol Hill'.




1851 - 1879


1879 - 1902


Signal masts and flag staffs preceded the installation of a lighthouse which was commenced in 1850. It was first lit on the 22nd anniversary of the founding of the Swan River Colony on 1st June, 1851.


Begun in 1876, constructed by convicts and first lit on 1st October, 1879. 
Made redundant by the Woodman Point Leading Light in 1902.


Mr. J.H. Thomas
A rectangular building with a cylindrical tower on top.


22 feet (6.71m) in diameter, 72 feet (21.95m) tall 
? visibility was less than 14 miles.

Illuminating Apparatus

Third order fixed dioptric light  (Chance Bros.) 
Visibility of 14 miles
Whale oil ; later replaced with mustard oil.


The tower was removed and the rectangular base was roofed and the building used for storing the flags for the flagstaff. 

The base was also demolished during the development of Fort Arthur. 




A new Harbour, designed by C.Y. O'Connor, was built in 1897. In 1902 the lantern was removed and taken to Bunbury. The time ball was placed on the base of the tower in 1903. The tower was demolished in 1905 to make way for the construction of the Arthur's Head Battery. The stone was broken up and used for road metal.