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Bedout Island

Admiralty Reference # 1675
1909 - present

Ralph Meakins Collection


Photo by Ralph Meakins

Bedout Island is situated in the Indian Ocean about 30 miles north east of Port Hedland on the outer edge of reefs subject to extreme tidal ranges.
The tower shown in these photos (pre 1970) was demolished in 1980 and replaced with a stainless steel lattice tower 17.5m high. This was the first use of a stainless steel lattice open lattice framework tower in Western Australia and used tubular legs (see close up below) with clamping plates to bolt the bracings to. It was equipped with a white fourth-order dioptric AGA patent light fuelled with dissolved acetylene.
Ref: Cumming et al

Photo by Ralph Meakins

Photo by Ralph Meakins


The Lantern House of the original tower above, was refurbished and recycled as the lantern house of the new Hillary's Boat Harbour Tower.

Bedout Island

Detail from Photo by Ralph Meakins 

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Photo by Pauline O'Brien

The original lens is in the care of the WA Maritime Museum, on loan from AMSA, but is not currently on show to the public.

A Racon beacon was established in 1985 and the light was converted to solar power in 1988. An automatic weather station is maintained on the island.


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