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Mt Blaze

Admiralty Reference # Decommissioned
c1921- c1948???

The Ralph Meakins Collection

Photo courtesy of Ralph Meakins


Photo by Colin Bishop whilst travelling between postings at Cape Leveque and Cape Naturaliste.

 Mt Blaze is located to the east of Port Hedland. It originally contained a 10 metre high light on a mild steel square open lattice tower, which was built around 1921. It still existed in 1948, but was abandoned soon after. The tower was apparently demolished and pushed into the sea. In September 1995, when visited, all that was visible was a base and starpickets. (Cummings et al)

Can you help? The photo above showing the Tower faintly in the background and with Ralph himself holding the osprey chick, was definitely annotated by Ralph on the original slide as being on Mt Blaze (the chick being named "Blaze" after the nest and chick were removed from the tower). This therefore poses a question as to just when the tower was "pushed over", as the tower certainly has people working on it as though it is still being maintained. Does anyone know more about the exact details of dates. The closest we can identify the date of this photo is 1964 based on the known date of Colin Bishop's trip on the Cape Don. It was not unusual for Keepers in transition between postings, to be involved in going ashore to help out the maintenance crews. Could they have been demolishing the tower on this trip - about 20 years after it was decommissioned?

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