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Legendre Island

Admiralty Reference # 1690
1927, 1963, 1989 - present

Ralph Meakins Collection

Photo by Ralph Meakin


Photo by Ralph Meakin

Originally established in 1927 some distance from the present site, it was replaced in 1963 and then again in 1989 - twice! The day after it was erected, it was demolished by a cyclone and had to be rebuilt. 

The Light featured here in Ralph's photos must therefore be the one from 1963. The Light from this lantern room was on show at the B Shed annex of the WA Maritime Museum, but is not currently on show in the new Maritime Museum.

(Source: Cummings et al)

The current Light consists of a white flashing light on a double height size 3 white GRP hut, 4 metres high on a square concrete base with a FA 251 beacon. The structure was entered onto the Register of the National Estate on June23rd, 1995.

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Statement of Significance: The Legendre Island Lighthouse complex, comprising the 1989 lighthouse and remnants of the 1963 and 1927 lighthouses, is of interest for its association with the history of maritime navigation in Western Australia. While it is of some historical significance, the complex does not meet the Criteria for the Register of the National Estate in its own right. It is included in the Register as part of the 'Dampier Archipelago' listing, Register No. 10101.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The site includes the 1989 lighthouse, a concrete base of the former (1963) lighthouse, the remains of a weather station, a concrete helipad (1975), a series of concrete footings, a line of three star pickets and a concrete cable box used as an emergency food supply store. It also contains the concrete base pad of the 1927 lattice frame steel tower.

The 1989 lighthouse is a glass reinforced plastic hut 4 metres high on a square concrete base and fitted with an FA 251 beacon and a stainless steel balustrade. It operates on solar power.

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