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Mary Anne Reef

Admiralty Reference # 1696
1930's, 1993 - present

Ralph Meakins Collection

 The Light above (photo circa 1960's) was destroyed in a cyclone in 1993.

There have been a number of lights on this reef since the 1930's, at least 7 up to 1995. At that time, two sets of foundations could be seen in the water, one above the sea and the the other completely submerged. There is now a double height size white 3 GRP hut on concrete piled structure with a ML 300 lantern. Interestingly, this Mary Anne Reef Light is now mounted on a steel skid so that it can be relocated as desired to cope with the movement of the island due to the natural elements. (Cumming, Glasson & McCarthy - 1995)

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