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A List of Related Links

Lighthouses of Australia
My favourite, most revisited site.
The Lighthouses of Australia Project was the first Aussie site I came upon when searching for information on Australian Lighthouses back in 1997. I became involved as a contributor, then bitten by the bug, decided to do my own pages then becoming involved as the Secretary of LoA Inc.

Seaside Lights


ILLW International Lighthouse and Lightships Weekend

A wonderful collaboration between Lighthouse lovers and radio hobbyists, when on the third weekend of August every year, radio operators set up at lighthouses all over the world and attempt to make contact with as many other lighthouse sites as possible. More and more groups are being hosted at an increasing number of Lighthouse towers, so why not check out Kevin's site to see if there will be one close to you - where ever you are in the world.


Winsome Bonham flew around Australia in a small plane taking photos as she went which resulted in a unique set of aerial views. They have been written up in the Bulletin, a newsletter produced by Lighthouses of Australia.

Western Australian lights feature in Part 4 and Part 5 in the December 2001 and January 2002 editions.

Rest of the World
The Lighthouse Directory, provides information and links for more than 15,100 of the world's lighthouses. Russ has his finger on the pulse of what is happening to all lighthouses around the world. A fantastic resource for anyone planning a Lighthouse Holiday!

Kids links
Guiding Lights  Beaconsfield Primary School : National Award Winners of the Primary Division.
Cool Solutions to a Hot Problem - Australian Schools Web Design Competition 1998
The Problem - Loss of ships, cargo and even lives. The Solution - Lighthouses of course, as well as some other things!
Beaconsfield Primary School's first attempt at having the kids come up with researching, designing and hosting their own site. I'm very proud of them .
Coast Guard Kids Corner
Seven Wonders of the World
Find out about the Pharos of Alexandria.
Lighthouse Hunter
An alphabetical listing of all the known lighthouses mentioned anywhere on the web.
Kids Questions - (Florida Lighthouse Page)
A great example of how a primary class can use the internet as an interactive tool in conducting a meaningful research project.

 The National Lightship Trust
Australian Heritage Commission
Search the Database to find out about lights that interest you. A lot of Australia's Lighthouses are on the National Register - the first step to ensuring their conservation.

Maritime Museum of Western Australia
A wonderful museum to visit in real life or via the net.
Shipwrecks of Perth
A detailed list with specific information on all catalogued wrecks.
Rottnest Island
West Australian's favourite holiday destination. Some background history.
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
In 1915 the Federal Government became responsible for all Lighthouses in Australia. Now managed by AMSA, some lighthouses are being sold off - the most recent in Tasmania. Check here to find out more!

Book References
Cumming, DA; Glasson M ; McCarthy, M : Lighthouses on the Western Australian coast and off-shore islands 1995

A report commissioned and published by the Dept Maritime Archeology, WA Museum, funded under the National Estate Grants Program


Lighthouses of Australia - Images from the End of an Era

by John Ibbotson is a book for people who love lighthouses. It contains images of over 220 Australian lights as they were at the end of the twentieth century in 500 brilliant photographs. Combined with concise, informative captions, 12 detailed location maps, a history of lighthouses, a chronological list of over 400 Australian lights and a section on lighthouse museums the book provides something for everybody who has an interest in lighthouses or the sea.


Lighthouses of Australia - The Offshore Lights   

This is a fascinating collection of 500 photographs and stories about Australia’s offshore lighthouses, their spectacular locations and the people who maintain them.
It is a companion book to Lighthouses of Australia Images from the End of an Era and between them they provide photographs and information for over 450 of Australia’s coastal, highway and major harbour lighthouses.

ALL IN A FLASH  by John Moynihan
ROTTNEST ISLAND - A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY  by Prue Joske, Chris Jeffery, Louise Hoffman
Reports, photographs, maps and oral histories from the ARTHUR HEAD BICENTENNIAL PROJECT which are stored in the Fremantle City Council Local History Collection in the Fremantle Library.


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