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Timeline of Local History

Putting the installation of lighthouses on the coast of Western Australia
into an historical perspective.

1616 Dirk Hartog landed on Dirk Hartog Island
1629 The 'Batavia' was wrecked on the Houtman Abrolhos Islands
1656 The Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon) was wrecked near the Swan River
1712 The Zuytdorp was wrecked at the foot of the cliffs north of Kalbarri
1826 A military garrison was established at King George Sound (although as part of New South Wales!) to ward off any attempts by other countries to claim the western half of Australia for themselves. The French and Dutch especially were keen explorers who named many features on our West Australian coastline.
1829 The Swan River Colony was established, with its port at Fremantle and its capital Perth some 20 kilometres away, their only link initially was the Swan River. While the only settlement to commence without the presence of convict labour, conditions were not what these early free settlers had been led to expect!
1842 H.Trigg began building the first lighthouse on Rottnest Island
1849 The first shipment of convicts, petitioned for by the remaining free colonists, arrived in Fremantle
1851 The Rottnest Island Lighthouse and the Arthur Head Lighthouse at Fremantle were completed. They were both officially lit for the first time on 1/6/1851 in celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of the establishment of the Swan River Colony.
1858 The Point King and Breaksea Island Lighthouses at Albany were lit
1868 The last shipment of convicts. The Colony had grown considerably since 1949 with many public buildings and utilities constructed by the convicts.
1876 Bluff Leading Lights No1 and No2 were established at Bluff Point at Geraldton.
1878 A new lighthouse replaced the original Arthur Head Lighthouse
The Point Moore Lighthouse was lit for the first time at Geraldton
1887 The Dongara Jetty was built
Jarman Island Lighthouse at Cossack was lit.
1896 The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was lit
The Babbage Island Lighthouse near Carnarvon was lit
The second Rottnest Island Lighthouse was lit
1900 The Bathurst Lighthouse on Rottnest Island was lit
1902 Woodman Point (Gage Roads) Lighthouse was lit and thus superseded the Arthur Head Lighthouse
The Bunbury Mole Lighthouse (which was repeatedly moved over time) was first lit.
1903 The South Mole Lighthouse at Fremantle was lit
The Vasse Light was established at the inner end of the Busselton Jetty
1904 The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse was lit.
The Casuarina Point Lighthouse at Bunbury was lit
1905 The Gantheume Point Lighthouse near Broome was lit
1906 The North Mole Lighthouse at Fremantle was lit
1909 The Hopetoun Lighthouse was lit
1910 The Cape Inscription Lighthouse was lit
The Point Cloates Lighthouse was lit
1911 The Cape Leveque Lighthouse
1912 The Vlaming Head Lighthouse was lit
1913 The Cape Bossut ?
1926 The Eclipse Island Lighthouse at Albany was lit. It was the first lighthouse in Western Australia to be built by the Commonwealth Government.
1950 The Quobba Point Lighthouse 
The South Barrow Island Light
1951 The Adele Island  Lighthouse
The Tanner Island Lighthouse
1958 Shoal Point
1960 The Point D'Entrecasteaux  Lighthouse
The Steep Point Lighthouse
1966 Cloates Point #2 
1967 The Foul Bay Lighthouse was constructed to replace the Hamelin Island Lighthouse.
1968 Red Bluff Lighthouse
1975/6 The Cave Point Lighthouse 
1970's Buckland Hill Leading Lights
post81 Cape Peron Light at Denham
Cooke point at Port Hedland
Hummock Island
Freshwater Point
Gantheume #2 #3 Lighthouse
1983 Guilderton Lighthouse
Halls Head Light
White Hill Light
Lake Preston Light
1986 Hillarys Lighthouse