75mm & 90mm Figures

80mm - Chas. C. Stadden Studios  and Buckingham Pewter 
Officer, Queen's Regiment 1680 Grenadier Guard 1735
 Grenadier 12th Regt of Foot 1750 Officer Royal Marines 1770
35th Regt of Foot 1775 Coldstream Guard 1776
American Continental Infantry 1776 Standard Bearer 4th Regt of Foot 1811
Drummer 57th Regt of Foot 1811 Light Coy, Coldstream Guard 1815

Gordon Highlander 1815 French 5th Hussar 1810
French 4th Hussar 1810 Grenadier of Imperial Guard 1815
Rifleman 95th Rifles 1806 Drum Major, 6th Regt of Foot 1806-15
Scots Guard 1823  
Vaandrig, 1st Regt Belgian Grenadiers 1843 Royal Marine Light Infantry c 1865
Pte 24th Foot - South Wales Borderer 1879 Scots Guards & Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Pipe Majors 1980's
Belgian Grenadier 1980's Logistic Support Regt 1980's
Royal Marine & ATC Cadet 1980's Royal Artillery, Parachute Regt & Queen's Regt 1980's
Bugler, Light Infantry 1977 Lifeguard NCO
77mm - SERIES 77 by Pat Bird  
Life Guard and 95th Rifles officers, 95th Rifleman & Royal North British Dragoon 4th (Kings Own) Rgt of Foot &
Sgt 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)
Series 77 75mm figures 4/1,5/4, 5/5 & 4/4 Series 77 75mm figures 5/6,5/10,5/7 ?/? & 5/8
2nd Regt Hussar, 4th Regt Lancer & Officer 8th Regt Hussars (Elite Company) Senior Officer Polish Lancers & 3rd Regt Hussar
Series 77 75mm figures 2/1,3/2 & 2/3 Series 77 75mm figures 3/4, & 2/2
Prussian Garde du Corps Officer
Court Ceremonial Dress c1900
Fusilier Drummer, Light Infantry Officer & Line Sappeur
Series 77 - 75mm figure 14/4 Series 77 75mm figures 1/8, 1/1 & 1/3
Pioneer 4th (Kings Own) Rgt of Foot 7th bis Hussar Officer 1800
Series 77 75mm figures 5/9 Series 77 75mm
Light Infantry Voltigeur & Sappeur  
Series 77 75mm  
75 & 90 mm -  HINCHLIFFE
Chasseur a Cheval of Guard 1810 Line Infantry 1808
Hinchliffe 75/JBC4 75mm kit Hinchliffe 75mm
Young Guard - Fusilier Chasseur 1810 Lord Nelson 1805
Hinchliffe 90/DJ2 90mm kit Hinchliffe MTO/2 75mm kit
75mm - CLYDECAST  
Horse Grenadier, Chasseur of Imperial Guard, 10th Hussar, 13th Dragoon & 1st Lancer Scots Grey, 15th Hussar 1815 & Royal Dragoon 1830
Clydecast 75mm CCF066, 14, 57, 65 & 64 Clydecast 75mm figures CCF 072, 31 & 76
Dutch Cuirassier 1808 Russian Karov Dragoon 1812
Clydesdale 75mm CCF020 Clydecast 75mm CCF067
 French Mameluke of Imperial Guard 1812-14  
Clydesdale 75mm CCF040  
OTHER MAKERS  - Various Scales
2nd Line Regt Lancer 1812 Mameluke Officer 1810
70mm Jubilee Miniatures by Lasset Ceremonial Studios 75mm figure

Prussian Potsdam Grenadier 1725
 Senior Officer, Von Zieten or 2nd Hussars
Prussia 1750
Tradition of London 80mm figure JW80-003
Phoenix 75mm
General Hans Joachim von Zieten
Prussia 1760
Cymbalist of Band of Imperial Guard Grenadiers 1802
BARTON Miniatures Ltd 90mm kit BM/J2. Tradition of London SQN80 020
 17th Light Dragoon 1848 Piper, Cameron Highlanders 1910
90mm figure by Tradition of London  AS9025 Tradition of London 110 mm figure - RC110 13
Australian Lighthorse Officer, Middle East 1917 Australian Pte 16 Bn AIF Somme, 1917
90mm Resin - Sculpture Artist was Alan James Black of Melbourne OZMODS 120mm Resin - Ozfigs 007
George Washington, John Adams, John Hancock & Benjamin Franklin 1776 Continental Naval Officer & Minuteman
3 1/2" figures by Hudson Pewter Franklin Mint 120mm Pewter Figurine
Rhode Island Train of Artillery Gunner Trumpeter 2nd Connecticut Regiment & Officer Baylor's 3rd Virginia Regiment Continental Dragoons
Franklin Mint 90mm Pewter Figurine Franklin Mint 90mm Pewter Figurine
Privates 1st New Jersey & 2nd Maryland, Officer 3rd New York Regiments Rifleman ,Thompson's Pennsylvania Rifle Battalion, Drummer 4th Georgia Regiment & Militiaman Minot's alarm company of Concord, Massachusetts
Franklin Mint 90mm Pewter Figurine Franklin Mint 90mm Pewter Figurine
Privates 2nd South Carolina ,3rd North Carolina & Officer Dover Light Infantry Company of Delaware Green Mountain Boy
Franklin Mint 90mm Pewter Figurine Franklin Mint 90mm Pewter Figurine
Rip Van Winkle  Highlander 1745
75mm Imrie / Risley K-315 Resin Bust 1/12 scale Unknown maker
  Rosie the Riveter, 1944
  FeR Miniatures 1/10 scale resin bust
Norse God - THOR
 Aztec Warrior 
75mm by Imrie / Risley
90mm Andrea Miniature
Border Levy 1595 Gen Robert E Lee 1865
Border Miniatures 80/10 80mm figure 90mm Bennito #9003