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Mexican Infantry - Alamo
 Mexican Artillery - Alamo
Classic Toy Soldiers
Ladder by Lego
 Classic Toy Soldiers 
Alamo Mexicans set 3 and Gun

 Mexican Infantry Mex-Tex War 1836/37

Lt. Col. W.B. Travis - Alamo 1836

New Hope Design MA0617

La Fortezza Milano STO - 112
Mexican Infantry & Presidial Lancers Alamo Defenders 1836
Trophy recasts Trophy recasts & Unknown maker
Lt. Col. W.B. Travis - Alamo 1836 Davy Crockett- Alamo 1836
Conte Pewter figure Conte Pewter figure
Jim Bowie - Alamo 1836 Mexican Dragoon and Infantryman
New Hope Design New Hope Design
Mexican Cavalry, Infantry & Davy Crocket Alamo Defender
 Imrie/Risley Miniatures Unknown maker
3 x Alamo Defenders Presidial Lancer
New Hope Design Il Feudo Miniatures S54/29
3 x Alamo Defenders Gonzalez Gun
Unknown maker Unknown maker
Alamo Defenders & Mexicans

Mexican Infantry Mex-Tex War 1836/37

4 x Conte, unknown & New Hope Design New Hope Design MA0617
Lt Col Travis, Col Crockett, Volunteer (ex-Army) Mexican Officer & Col Crockett

Mexican Infantry Mex-Tex War 1836/37

New Hope Design MA 612, 613, 1068, 616 & I/R C-260 New Hope Design MA0617

US forces in Peking 1900

Sailor, Marine, Army Cpl, Officer, Pte, Sailor

US Infantry - Philippines 1899

WE-BOX-26, 05, 04, 03, 23 & 25

Casting kindly supplied by Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

William H Murray
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

 Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
c 1990s

Cherilea Recasts

Dorset Soldiers
Special painting project with 4 figures

Pte and Officer,

5th US Marine Regt, France c 1917

US Infantry Vietnam 1968


Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

Gun-Ho Collectibles


Jack's Band

Negro Band

 Recast of Charbens Set  by Soldier Pac

Recast of Taylor & Barrett Set 
by Soldier Pac

Marie Laveau -the Voodoo queen,

Tchoupitoulas Indian & Flambeaux Carrier

Cowboy at Saloon, Iroquois Warrior, Bounty Hunter

Castings kindly supplied by Le Petit Soldier Shop

Ukrainian pirated copies of Pegaso 54-196, 54-206 & Romeo Models RM 54-045
Royal Canadian Air Force Officer Royal Canadian Artillery c 1890 Sledge Gun
Special commissioned figure using Dorset Soldiers

Sculpted and cast and castings kindly supplied by Alex Sim

Horses by Dorset Soldiers

His figures were Winner Class 7 at 2009 BMSS

 Mexican Gunfighter  Clarinet Player, New Orleans
Ukrainian pirated copy of Pegaso 54-179

Casting kindly supplied by Le Petit Soldier Shop

 Belle Starr & Doc Holliday 1880's Francisco 'Panco' Villa 1878-1923
Hornet by Roger Saunders Hornet by Roger Saunders
Harriett Tubman, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Che Guevara Arapaho White Woman 19c
2 x Franklin Mint & unknown Russian maker New Hope Design
Cowboy, Buffalo Bill & Undertaker

Wyatt Earp, Man with no name & Cowboy

Unknown Russian maker, undertaker Andrea Miniatures Andrea Miniatures F09 , 11 & 07
Mexican & Bandit Cowboy & Mexican
Unknown Russian maker Unknown Russian maker
Gunfighters Reward
EK Castings Andrea Miniatures F13
Mounted Cowboy Wyatt Earp, bat Masterson,
Charlie Bassett & Heck Thomas
Unknown maker Realmodel RMC/L1,2,3 & 7
Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid & John Ringo US medical team 1918
La Fortezza STO-711, 453 & 247 ICM 1:35 plastic kit
Cowboy 1880 Frontiersman 1840's
La Fortezza STO- 217 Unknown maker
Shootout 1880 Lone Star Saloon
2 x EK Castings & Unknown maker (centre) Pegaso 54-184
Parade of American People
Gold ....gold, Rhymes of the range
& Sign man 1848 - 77
Che Guevara 1959
Saturday Evening Post - Franklin Mint YS Casting 1/10 scale resin bust
US Gas Advance 1918 US Gas Advance 1918 pt2
ICM 35704 1:35 plastic kit ICM 35704 1:35 plastic kit
Trail Boss 1870's  Cowboy & Wyatt Earp
Unknown maker amati & Unknown maker
Gunfighter  US 75mm Gun - France 1918
Unknown maker Monarch gun, John Eden Studio gunners
US Infantry 1918 US Infantry 1918
Helenic Miniatures New Hope Design