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 Indian Infantry
29th Bombay Infantry 1890
  Indian Infantry
15th Ludhiana Sikhs 1888
 Home cast copy of Britains
 Home cast copy of Britains
Indian Infantry
Punjab Frontier Force
Indian Officer, British Officer, Sepoy
 Indian Infantry
7th Bombay Infantry
 Dutkins 'Lil Army 
LA-4071  & 4073 and additional parts for
British Officer
 Dutkins 'Lil Army 
Indian Infantry
(various regiments)
Indian Infantry
3rd Punjab Regt
 Supplied by Gerald Marshall
 Dutkins 'Lil Army 
LA-4071  & 4073

Indian Artillery Assembling  A Screw Gun

Indian Army 3.7" Howitzer

Mountford Miniatures

Mountford Miniatures

Yak Signal Party

35th Sikh Regt Bengal Infantry, 6th Gurkha, 
Corps of Guides

Mountford Miniatures

 Soldier Pac Recasts

Royal West African Frontier Force 1920-30's
&  Royal Malayan Regiment 1950's

Royal Malayan Regiment Band

B25, 27 & 29 
Brigadier's Toy Soldiers and Military Figures

SARUM Soldiers

 Viet Cong / North Vietnamese

Vietnam 1962 - 1975

German Colonial Reserve -  Police Soldier, Army Private and  Native Conscript - New Guinea 1914
Gun-Ho Collectibles


  WE-EXP-07, 03 & 04 
Castings kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers
29th Bombay Regt. Corps of Drums c 1900 Indian Cavalry Officer

Dutkins 'Lil Army LA-4071

with arms & drums from Prince August moulds

RIVAS Collection by Pearce Miniatures

33rd Punjabi Regiment 1900

33rd Punjabi Regiment 1900 - Support

 Dutkins 'Lil Army LA-4073  Dutkins 'Lil Army LA-4073 & Mountford Miniatures Mule
6 x Indian Infantry & Cavalry Governor's Bodyguard , 28th Light Cavalry & 4th Bengal Lancer 1900

Dorset Soldiers

Tradition of London 43/3 46/3 47/3 Discontinued kits
Nawanagar State Drummers 1903 Sikh Artillery - India -Sikh Wars 1845-6

Dutkins 'Lil Army LA-4073

with arms & drums from Prince August moulds

Dorset Soldiers & Prince August Moulds Gun 80-8

29th Bombay Regt. Band c 1900 Chinese Boxers - Peking 1900

Dutkins 'Lil Army LA-4071

with band instruments cast from Prince August moulds

WE-BOX- 41,14,36,37,38,39 Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

Russian Officer, Royal Marine Light Infantry Corporal fighting at the Barricades against Boxer Swordsman - Peking c 1900

 Russian Private & Chinese Boxer

Boxer Rebellion - Peking c 1900


Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

WE-BOX-01 & 02

Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

Bhopal Lancer Officers, Poona Horse & Baria State Forces
Yeomanry Miniatures Unknown makers
Naik 2nd Madras Lancers, Colonel Skinners Horse, Officer Ludhiana Sikhs, British Officer c1900

Officer, 1st Madras Light Cavalry 1810

Sepoy, 21st Bengal Native Infantry 1815

Officer 4th Bengal Cavalry 1832

Officer Bombay Horse Artillery 1848

Sarum Soldiers VIA 3,4,7,8 Sarum Soldiers HEIC 1,2,3 & 6
 Indian Mountain Artillery  Indian Mountain Artillery covering party
Hinchliffe with some conversions & Mountford gun Hinchliffe with some conversions
Bombay Horse Artillery Officer

 and Nautch Girl 1820

Indian Officers.
L-R Skinner's Horse, Governor General's Bodyguard, 1st Bombay Lancers, 13th Bengal Lancers & 1st Madras Lancers, photographers from Queen's Own Corps of Guides
Sarum Soldiers ROSE Miniatures
Queen's Own Corps of Guides Indian Infantry France 1916
Unknown maker of trooper, Stadden Officer ROSE Miniatures

 Indian Army 3.7" Howitzer

Queen's Own Corps of Guides

Mountford Miniatures

Queen's Own Corps of Guides Queen's Own Corps of Guides
ROSE Miniatures Greenwood & Ball
Skinners Horse 26th (Baluchistan) Bombay Regiment 1892
ROSE Miniatures Britains Castings
Croquet game - India 1890's Hyderabad Contingent 1890's
ROSE Miniatures Britains Castings
Queen's Own Corps of Guides Indian Cavalry Officers
Stadden ROSE Miniatures
Mule Team 1915 British Officer, Probyn's Horse1857

Mountford Miniatures

New Hope Design MAA19
Queen's Own Corps of Guides NW Frontier Tribesmen
3 xRose Miniatures & Stadden New Hope Design MAA26 & 62
Indian Snake Charmer Bedouin Israeli Border Guard 1980
Sanderson New Hope Design MAA 628
Tribesman & Sepoy 1815 , Sepoy Cuttack Legion 1817, Rifleman 1915, Officer 7th Gurkhas
 & Drum Major 1992

Viet Cong
Sarum Soldiers G1,2,3,6 & 10 and ROSE Miniature IG 9a Repaints of King & Country VN013 &105 & HK269
 Officer Skinners Horse 1900  
Sarum Soldiers VIA 8