by Ken Jones

Arthur H. Bowling who painted the figures in these booklets (presented with Military Modelling magazine October and November 1992) died on 24th October 1991 aged 80 years. Known to all as "Mick" he had been "retired" over 10 years from actively writing about and painting things military.

Fortunately he left some fine little reference sources in the now long out of print Almark books which included, British Infantry Regiments 1660 - 1914 and Scottish Regiments and Uniforms 1660-1914, published 1970-1971. The colour artwork presented here appeared in both books, but not all of it was printed in colour, some studies were reproduced in black and white in order to keep the cover price down.

Mick's illustrative style was, and still is, instantly recognized; it was mechanical, but it had a charm of its own, with all uniform details precisely executed and, above all, correct.

He presented the original artwork to me many years ago, just before he "retired" from writing and illustrating. He'd painstakingly cut out and mounted the figures into two scrapbooks which he presented to me one evening I visited him. I'd rescued the artwork from destruction and Mick jokingly had said that because I thought so much of it...I should have it! He was that kind of man.

Therefore, as a tribute to Arthur H. Bowling his original artwork on British Infantry and Scottish Regiments is published here for the first time entirely in colour. For modelers, especially beginners, these booklets will offer a "first port of call" for uniform research on British figures. They show what the basic uniform looked like, the colours involved and provide a stepping stone to much deeper digging for complete painting details for a model figurine.

Ken Jones
Military Modelling : October 1992 issue British Infantry Regiments 1660-1914
Military Modelling : November 1992 issue Scottish Regiments 1660-1914


NOTE: I have copied the following illustrations from 2 booklets that I found at a Toy Fair in March 1999. They are not in good condition, so I have decided to preserve the images digitally and publish them on the Internet so that more people can see and enjoy the artistry of Mick Bowling.

You are free to use the images, but please do not publish them for profit.
Please acknowledge their original source as Military Modelling

John O'Brien
16 March 1999



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