I have been asked by a few people recently about my painting of the Toy Soldiers exhibited on my site.

Some of the questions have been the same, so I hope that these tips will help you to create wonderful Toy Soldiers that you will be proud to show off as your own handiwork.

If there are any other questions you have and would like to see listed on this page, just email me and I will try to help.

I may also place hits to CASTING of Toy Soldiers as well, if you let me know waht you want.

  • Plastic Toy Soldiers
  • Metal Toy Soldiers
  • Face Painting
  • With my TOY SOLDIERS I use a GLOSS FINISH to keep the Traditional Style of the figures, but apply a coat of MATTE FINISH for some figures. Many colours that I use are only available as Matte, so I then use a clear gloss finish to complete these. I use HUMBROL paints for all my figures.


  • After cleaning off excess plastic from the moulding process with a sharp modelling knife or scalpel, wash the figure in warm water and household dish washing detergent
  • This is to remove oils and grease that have built up during manufacture and handling.
  • Dry off all water from the figure.
  • 'Paint' the figure with PVA glue which has a drop of detergent added to break down the surface tension and help adhere to the clean plastic.
  • For Australian Readers, use "AQUADHERE" by Selleys
    For my North American Readers my "spies " tell me "ELMER'S Woodworking Glue" is the brand name for PVA
  • This provides a firm total coverage to the plastic for the enamel of acrylic paint to adhere to.
  • Undercoat the figure with a light coloured matt coat that will enhance the colours of the enamel top coat. I use a aerosol spray can of white undercoat.


  • Go to the tips provided by TIN SOLDIER FACTORY  that I have reproduced and placed on my site for you to use.
  • The information provided is what I use for my painting of metal figures.


    COLOURS USED for Flesh
    HUMBROL Flesh for Caucasian Figures
    HUMBROL Khaki for some Indian (Sub Continent) Figures
    HUMBROL Tan for North American Indians
    HUMBROL Dark Brown  for African / Negro Figures / Indians
    I have been asked quite often, "How do you get the eyes to look so good on your soldiers ?"

    Here is the technique I use to create a realistic appearance on their faces.

    1. Paint all of the face in flesh colour
    2. Paint in the eyes with white paint 
    3. Highlight the top of the eye with a thin line of black 
     4. Dot the eyes.
     5. Retouch the bottom of the eyes with flesh colour 
         and  paint the mouth
     6. Paint in moustache / beard / eyebrows as required.