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Pre World War One 

Kaiser Alexander Guard Grenadiers
Prussian Army 1914

Fifes and Drums, Prussian Guard Infantry 1914

Tradition of London discontinued set

Tradition of London Set 57

Leib-Garde-Husaren Regiment c 1900

 Fifes and Drums, Prussian Line Infantry 1914

ROSE Miniatures

Tradition of London Set 56

Private, 2 Schwere Reiter Karabinier Regiment, Saxony

Prussian Infantry c1900
Firing Party

Pickelhaube Miniatures


 PR 54004,8 & 14 Pickelhaube Miniatures


Prussian Infantry c1900

Prussian Infantry c1900

PR 54016?,10, 9 & 6 Pickelhaube Miniatures


PR 54007,5,11 & 13 Pickelhaube Miniatures


Officer and Guardsmen, 1st Foot Guards
and Garde Schutze c 1900

Prussian Infantry in Parade Dress
c 1900

Pickelhaube Miniatures


Pickelhaube Miniatures


Prussian Infantry in Action
c 1900

 Prussian Infantry on Parade
c 1900

Pickelhaube Miniatures


Pickelhaube Miniatures


Prussian Artillery 1900

Officer and Guardsmen, 1st Foot Guards
Winter Dress

Pickelhaube Miniatures


Pickelhaube Miniatures


Leib-Garde-Husaren & Lady c1900 Garde Schutze Officer & Lady c 1900

Sarum Soldiers L14 Sarum Soldiers
Prussian Officer, wife and cadet Officer 9th Lancer Regt & lady
John Eden Studios John Eden Studios

 Winter Wonderland 2004

Kaiser & Generals 1910


Pickelhaube Miniatures

Stadden by John Eden Studios
2nd Guard Uhlan Regiment 1910 Leib-Gendarmerie & Bavarian Hartschiere
Old Guard Miniatures
Stadden by John Eden Studios &


Garde du Corps Officer- Court Ceremonial Dress Garde du Corps, 1st Cuirassier, Saxon Guard & Infantry Officers, Infantry NCO & Saxon Guard Trooper
Series 77 - 75mm figure Stadden & Rose Miniatures
Cuirassier, Garde Hussar, Cuirassier & Infantry Generals Garde Hussar Kettle Drummer 1900
Stadden & unknown maker Tradition of London KD54 01
Bavarian Hartschiere & Jaeger 1870 German Cavalry Mess 1900
Cuirassier, Fusilier (steward) & Lancer

Hecker-Goros BHG 4 & 6

Hecker-Goros PHG33

Royal Saxon Guard 1900  
1914  - 1918 

 WW1 German in Pickelhaube Helmet 1914-16

 WW1 German in Stahlhelm Helmets 1916-18

Armies in Plastic #5425


Armies in Plastic #5402


German Mountain Trooper c1915

Casualty Evacuation 1916

Pickelhaube Miniatures


Darius Miniatures F35034 1:35 resin figures
& Master Box 35158

Grenadier, 1st Prussian Foot Guards,

France c 1914

German Officer & Private - Palestine c 1918


Casting kindly supplied by Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

WE-MDE -09 & 07

Casting kindly supplied by Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

German Colonial Reserve -  Police Soldier, Army Private and  Native Conscript - New Guinea 1914

 German Infantry 1914 - Haircut Time

  WE-EXP-07, 03 & 04 
Castings kindly supplied by Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

1897,  castings kindly supplied by Chris Bartlett
Wire Party 1914 German Infantry 1914 - Boot cleaning
Masterclub UK 1897,  castings kindly supplied by Chris Bartlett

The Red Baron & Moritz, 1918

German 'Armoured Crawler' 1915

Andrea Miniatures S3-F12 Soldat cat # JP54.01
Grenadier 1917 Officers 1914
Unknown maker, resin figure Scale Link
Jaeger 7.58cm Minenwerfer Trench Mortar Team 1914 Jaeger machine gun teams 1914
Scale Link Scale Link
Jaegers 1914 Jaegers advancing 1914
Scale Link Scale Link
Jaegers marching 1914 Infantry Advance 1914
Scale Link Revell 02451
Artillery officers 1914 Jaeger Guards 1914
Scale Link New Hope Design, 3 x Hecker & Goros & Andrea Box
Soldier, officer and soldier in greatcoat 1914 Artillery gunners 1914
Rose Miniature, 2 x unknown makers Scale Link
Sturmtruppen 1916 Sturmtruppen MG team 1916
Scale Link H-R Products Inc. CM-218 & 220
Sturmtruppen 1916 Casualties 1918
ICM kit 35695 1:35 scale Unknown resin maker 1:35 scale
German Infantry 1916 German Anti-Aircraft Team 1917
Scale Link Scale Link & Signature Vehicle repainted
Baron Manfred von Richthofen 1918  
EK Castings