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Plastic Figures

Many of these  figures I assembled and painted in the 1970s and then kept in safe storage for 30 years, and now are on display together with more recent ones. I have published a website Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars with many of the coloured plates and catalogue drawings so check them out as well as the official HISTOREX website.

Grenadier à Cheval & Empress Dragoon Chasseur à Cheval Trumpeter & Guidon
Kit 661 + 663 Kit 634 + 642
1st Regt Polish & 2nd Regt Dutch Lancers, Imperial Guard Cuirassier & Carabineer
Kit 681 & 682 Kit 687 + 6910
Hussar Officers 5th Regt Line Lancers
Kit 631 + 632 Scratch built from spares
Young Guard Officer, Dragoon Guidon, Line Artillery Officer, Guard Artillery Drummer Guard Chasseur Sappeur, Guard Engineer, 2 x Infantry, Swiss Infantry
Kit 637, 665, 657 & 655 Kit 703, 715, 3 x 644
Line Artillery Train + Gunner Demi Brigade in Egypt
Kit 652 + 657 Nemrod N54075
Infantry Officer on Campaign 4th Regt. Line Infantry Drummer
Scratch built from spares Nemrod N54093
Light Infantry Wounded Drummer & Carabineer Light Infantry
Nemrod N54059 Scratch built from spares

Line Infantry Voltigeur on Campaign

 British Cavalry

Scots Dragoon Guard + Inniskilling Dragoon

Scratch built from spares Kit 711 + 756A
Tambour d'infanterie en route Line Infantry Drummer
Nemrod N54047 Nemrod N54093