Pewter Egyptian Recasts
One More Time Soldiers
 Egyptian Warrior Pharaoh's Funeral Procession
La Fortezza STO-140 Rose Miniatures
Greek Warriors Minoan Bull Jumpers 1450 BC
Unknown Rusian Maker Rose Miniatures EXX2
Pegaso Models
Andrea Miniatures

Greek Hoplites

Greek OpliteV-IV c. B.C.

Lead Warrior A1,2&16 & Lead Army  5026

Pegaso Models 54-026

Greeks and Spartans Achilles

Pirated figures from Ukraine

- commissioned painting

Andrea Miniatures SG-F097
Elf Archer (Lord of the Rings)   Spartans 
Andrea Miniatures SG-F084 Conte 3 x sets of plastics figures
King Leonidas I of Sparta 480 BC Samnita Warrior 310 BC
Masterclass 54027 Ares Mythology AM54T-140
  Spartans   King of Babylon
Unknown Chinese maker Ares Mythology AM54T-85

 Greek nobleman and muse

 Greek nobleman

Ares Mythology AM54T-156 Ares Mythology AM54T-155
St Michael v The Devil Fantasy Woman and Snake
Unknown maker Sanderson ( missing standing warrior)

Roman General Roman Centurion & Archer AD 125
Andrea Miniatures SG-FO26 Andrea Miniatures SG-FO23, 24
Hannibal's Commander 218-201 BC

 Roman Javelin Thrower

75mm Pegaso Models Figure 75-031

90mm Unknown Italian maker

Roman Vixilarius

Roman General, Celts, Highlander

 & Mongol Archer

Lead Warrior A18

Pirated figures from Ukraine

 - commissioned painting

Roman Legions
Roman Legions
Roman Chartiot & Mounted Centurion
 Roman Legions
One More Time Soldiers


Roman Gladiators
Hannibal's Carthaginians - African Heavy Infantry
  9020  HäT
Republican Romans- Hastati
Roman Cavalry
 9018  HäT
 9021  HäT
Roman Army

Nativity Scene



Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus & Joseph

Prince August Moulds 1851, 1850 & 1852

Roman Soldiers with Barbarian

Middle Eastern People

La Fortezza STO-183

F 427,8,9 & 465 Soldier Pac 

Roman Legionnaire Mongol Raider with captive 5th c
Unknown Ukrainian maker John Eden Studios
Boudicca's Chariot 60 AD

Marcus Antonius, I B.C.

Rose Miniatures Andrea Miniatures SR-03

 Norse God - THOR  
75mm by Imrie / Risley  
  Barbarian Vikings Looting
La Fortezza STO-631 Phoenix Miniatures



Conte Lead Warrior A8,9&17
Vikings Haukar Viking Raider 739 AD
Castings kindly supplied by White Tower Miniatures Andrea Miniatures SV-01
Celtic Warriors 4th century
 Viking Warrior on Longship
EK Casting & Andrea Miniatures Unknown Russian maker
 Viking Warrior on Longship Chosen for Halls of Valhalla
Unknown Russian maker Chronos Miniatures CHM-54066(M)
Hugh Capet & Adelaide of Aquitaine c.987 Nordic Chieftain 8c
Le Cimier H.C. Lasset L1602
Crusader Knights Syrian amir 12th c
Multi Part castings kindly supplied by White Tower Miniatures New Hope Design
Medieval Knights
Axe wielding medieval soldier
Rose Miniatures
MKA 15, 9, 8, 7, 2a, 3a,5a
Men at Arms
Foot Knights
Accurate Figures
Accurate Figures
Mounted Knight
Acrobatic Jester
Accurate Figures
Casting kindly suplied by
 Dorset Soldiers
Court Jester
Court Jester
painted by me from a casting kindly suplied by
  Sanderson casting kindly suplied by
 Jesters Landsknecht Drummer 1520
Mokarex EMI Terico TER-38
Jester Sir Lancelot in Merlin's Magic Garden
Schleich (pre painted)  Imrie/Risley Miniatures K-322
Legends of Sherwood Forest Sheriff's Men At Arms
Castings kindly supplied by White Tower Miniatures Castings kindly supplied by White Tower Miniatures
Will Scarlet Will Stutley
Castings kindly supplied by White Tower Miniatures Castings kindly supplied by White Tower Miniatures
Knights British Archers- Agincourt 1415
Castings  kindly supplied by Alliage de Qualité Castings  kindly supplied by Alliage de Qualité
Artillery  - Battle of Crécy 1346 Hand to hand - Agincourt 1415
Ukrainian unknown maker Ukrainian pirate copy of M-Models # 32051
Thomas Strickland Esq. Agincourt 1415 Catapult 13th century
Tradition of London MK8 La Fortezza STO-223
Battle of Montaperti 1260 Landsknechts 1500's
La Fortezza STO-074 La Fortezza STO-273 & 185

Captain & Soldier,

Duchy of Milan XV c

14c Crossbow, 13c Templar & 13c Italian Knight
La Fortezza STO-192 La Fortezza STO-0335, STO-0105 & ES-015
Crusader Kinght 12th c   Ilya Muromets & Knight with Icon Banner
Unknown Russian maker EK Casting & Unknown Russian maker
Entourage of Lord Thomas Stanley,
Battle of Bosworth Field -1485

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Unknown Russian maker
Russian Archer Russian Axeman
Unknown Russian maker Unknown Russian maker
 1001 Nights Alexander Nevsky 1221 - 1263
Sanderson figures by John Eden Studios EK Casting
Irish Knight 14c Medieval Artillery 15c
Unknown Russian maker John Eden Studios
Lord & Lady 14c Witch Trail 15c
John Eden Designs John Eden Designs
Battering Ram   
John Eden Designs  



Samurai with Yari spear, XVI c.

Samurai Minamoto no Kuro Yoshitsune, XII c.

Samurai on march, XII c.

Samurai with Naginata, XVI c.

Ashigaru, 1500's
EK Castings EK Castings

Japanese Archers & Arquebusier

 - Tokugawa Clan

Tokugawa Clan Artillery
painted by me from a casting kindly supplied 
by East of India Company
kindly supplied by East of India Company
 Japanese Arquebusier. 
Momoyama period. 1574-1602 
 Samurai Commander
Pegaso Models 54-091
Andrea Miniatures SM-F14
 Japanese Arquebusier
- Tokugawa Clan
 Samurai Commanders
Furuta Rekishi painted by me
Furuta Rekishi painted by me
 Samurai Monk & Attendant
Samurai - Azuchi-Momoyama Period
1568 - 1600
Rose Miniatures
 Pegaso Models 54-112



Aztec Warriors
Aztec Warrior
New Hope Design
 Aztec Warrior 
90mm Andrea Miniature