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In the Service of the Crown

19th Century

British Forces in Australia : Marine 1789, Pte. NSW Corps 1800, Pte 73rd Foot 1810, Pte. 46th Foot 1817, Pte 3rd Foot (Buffs) 1823

British Camel Corps Sudan 1884

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OZMADE OZ B1, B2, B3, B4 & B5

Unknown maker

Royal Army Medical Corps

Royal Army Medical Corps

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Soldier Pac Recasts of Britains originals

Soldier Pac Recasts of Britains originals & Medical Officer - Soldier Pac

Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gifLifeguard Officer 1822, Officer 3rd Light Dragoons 1845 & 93rd Regt of Foot Highlander 1857

Franklin Mint



Crimean War

Scottish Fusilier Guard Drummer


Coldstream Guard, Green Howard (19th Foot)

& Sutherland Highlander (93rd Foot)

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SBH-01 Soldiers SG of Italy


Alma Figures Kits 16/4, 6/2 & 19/2


Rifle Brigade, Bugler

Grenadier Guard Drummer Boys

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Description: C:\John\webpage\drummer_boyst.jpg

Alma Figures Kit 17/3

Dorset Soldiers

Sutherland Highlander (93rd Foot) Officer, Coldstream Guard Officer, Officer & Private Green Howards (19th Foot)

Black Watch (42nd) & Kings (4th) Regt. Officers

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Castings kindly supplied by Alma Figures Kits 27, 16/7, 3 & 2


Sculpted and cast and kindly supplied by Alex Sim

 Rifle Brigade firing

Colour Sergeants Green Howards (19th Foot)

Description: C:\John\webpage\riflest.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\2howardst.jpg

Castings kindly supplied by Alma Figures Kits 17/2 & 17/1

Castings kindly supplied by Alma Figures Kits

Drummer Black Watch 42nd Foot

Black Watch Tel El Kebir 1882

Description: C:\John\webpage\HH BW drummert.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\bw1880t.jpg

Hinton Hunt

F.M.Benito MV82

Lieutenant Tryon and Colour Sergeant Hicks Coldstream Guards
Tradition of London AC 10AB Tradition of London Toy Kits 105-3 & 2
 17th Lancers - Trooper Officers, 17th Lancers & Coldstream Guards
Andrea Miniatures S13-F01 Hinton Hunt


Royal Navy

RN Landing Party

Naval Norfeldt Gun

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Description: C:\John\webpage\norfeldt.jpg

ROSE Miniatures Mini pack Nos. 240 & 242
Figures RN 3b & RNL 1b

Mountford Miniatures


Naval Maxim Gun

 RN Landing Party - Gatling Gun Team

Description: C:\John\webpage\maximt.jpg

Mountford Miniatures

Mountford Miniatures

 RN Landing Party - Gun Team


Description: C:\John\webpage\rn_gun_teamt.jpg


Soldier Pac Re-cast of Britains with Sennet hats



Sudan & Zulu Wars

24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

Description: C:\John\webpage\24t.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\zulut.jpg

Tin Soldier Factory Set # 10


Series 7 A Call To Arms
24th Foot Regiment


24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

Description: C:\John\webpage\lang_24t.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\24at.jpg

Langley Body XB 98, 99 &100
with Head XH 17


Series 15 A Call To Arms
24th Foot Regiment


24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

Description: C:\John\webpage\ir24t.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\trad24t.jpg

C256, 255
Imrie/Risley Miniatures

Tradition of London Set 403

24th Foot - South Wales Borderers

Drummers carrying ammunition

Royal Artillery
Chas. Stadden Chas. Stadden
1st Royal Dragoons 17th Lancers Zulu Wars -1879

Chas. Stadden La Fortezza STO-145

24th Foot - South Wales Borderers - wounded

Queens Own Cameron Highlander 1882
Unknown maker D F Grieve Model - 75mm

Camel Mounted Gatling Gun

17th Lancer 1882
Mountford Miniatures Chas. Stadden
Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gifLt W S Churchill. 4th Hussars with 21st Lancers - Sudan 1898  
Phoenix Miniatures  


Anglo - Boer War & Boxer Rebellion

Infantry Private, Transvaal c 1901

Pompom Gun - South Africa c1900

Description: C:\John\webpage\britisht.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\br_pompomt.jpg

WE-BOR-04 Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

Mountford Miniatures

Royal Marine, Officer RWF, Sikh, Pte RWF

Peking 1900

Gordon Highlander

Description: C:\John\webpage\box_britt.jpg

WE-BOX-08, 18,32 & 06

Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

Hinton Hunt
Royal Irish Fusiliers Royal Irish Fusiliers Queen's Colour & Machine Gun
Chas.Stadden New Hope Design & Chas.Stadden
 Lancashire Fusilier Drummer  Royal Scots - Sappers
New Hope Design  Asset Miniatures 
Royal Irish Fusiliers Maxim Gun Team Pte 24th Foot, 21st Lancer, Officer and Pte RIF
Chas.Stadden ROSE Miniatures MP321, Regtl Collectibles SF 210 & 178 , Tradition of London CO-1C
 Royal Irish Fusiliers  Royal Irish Fusiliers
Tradition of London CO-1C & Sarum Soldiers QR16,16 &18 Chas.Stadden
British Infantry 1900  Royal Irish Fusiliers 1900
New Hope Design H2 Chas.Stadden
Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gif Royal Irish Fusiliers 1900 Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gif Royal Artillery 1900
Tradition of London SQN54 061, CO-1B&C Sarum Soldiers & Mountford Miniatures
Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gif Royal Irish Fusiliers 1900  


World War 1

Infantry Private , Ypres c 1914

Lancashire Fusilier, Gallipoli 1915

Description: C:\John\webpage\tommyt.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\lanct.jpg

WE-FRA-03 Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers


WE-GAL-14 Casting kindly supplied by
Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers


Air Observers, Stretcher Party WW1

British  Wire Party WW1

Description: C:\John\webpage\WW1t.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\tawt.jpg

Repainted hollowcast Crescent Soldiers


Toy Army Workshop


British Infantry 1915

British Infantry 1917-18

Description: C:\John\webpage\aip_bt.jpg

Description: C:\John\webpage\ww1inft.jpg

Armies in Plastic WW1 British 

IMC  Plastic Model Kit 35301 - 1/35 scale

British in Flanders 1914

 British in Flanders 1914

Description: C:\John\webpage\tommyst.JPG


Tommys War TW54 001, 2, 3 & 4

 Tommys War TW54 006, &5

Lt. Connaught Rangers 1917, Royal Irish lancer 1918, Royal Irish Dragoon 1920

Lewis Gunner & fatigue party1914

WE-FRA-15, 22 & WE-MDE-21

Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers

Scale Link
British Lewis gun team and French Infantry soldier sharing a smoke. Royal Engineer Officer & Private, Army Service Corps, The Marne 1914
Masterclub UK

 Tommys War TW54 007, &8

 Tea Time on the 4.5" Howitzer 1914 Royal Muster Fusilier 1900,Leinster Regiment 1908, London Irish 1944-45,Kings Regt 1945
Scale Link New Hope Design MA0025, 0150, 0153 & 0154
15th Hussars - BEF - 1914 Vickers Machine Gun Car - FORD
Mountford Metal Miniatures MM072 ROSE Miniatures
Vickers MG team and 3 Tommies 1915 Infantry 1914
ROSE Miniatures Scale Link
Wounded German & Tommy 1916

British Cavalry 1914

Unknown maker ROSE Miniatures

Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars 1917

Officer & Sergeant, Royal Welch Fusiliers, Ploegstert 1915

ROSE Miniatures & Scale Link

 Tommys War TW54 007, &8

British Infantry 1916 British Infantry 1916
Metal Modeles GG10 Andrea Miniatures S3-F13
Lance Bombardier, Royal Artillery, 1916 Medical Evacuation 1916
75mm resin Kit Model Cellar MC75002 Unknown maker, metal figures, resin base
WW1 Staff Car Advance !
ROSE Miniatures Scale Link
Pte, 16Bn AIF & Sgt, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1915 Back Home on Leave 1915

 Tommys War TW54 015 & 016

ROSE Miniatures
Working Party 1914 Casualty Clearing 1915
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
 British Bugler, Greatcoat, Medic  British Infantry 1914
90mm Resin Flat figures Unknown maker
 Pigeon Messengers  Cyclist Battalion
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
 A moment captured in time -  1915  Dinner Time
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
 Officers and a Sapper WW1 & WW2 Nurses
2 x Stadden, Franklin Mint, 2 x New Hope Design Repaint of Britains Hollowcast originals
Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gifCasualty Evacuation Somme 1916 Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gifBritish Lancers Middle East 1917
Master Box 35158 1/35 Resin Kit ROSE Miniatures
Description: C:\John\webpage\new.gifBritish Infantry 1915 - 1920's  
Tradition of London SQN54 024, 144, 183, 117 & 024  


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