Airfix, Timpo, A Call To Arms, Reamsa & Dulcop
54mm or 1/32 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers

Britain, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Prussia

2nd Regiment of Foot Guards
(Coldstream Guards)

27th Regiment of Foot

AIRFIX  British Coldsteam Guards


TIMPO  British Infantry


British 92nd Regiment
(Gordon Highlanders)

71st Regiment of Foot,
Highland Light Infantry

TIMPO Highland Infantry


 Series #9  A Call To Arms


Prussian Infantry

Spanish Cavalry

TIMPO Prussian Infantry


Reamsa Spanish Cavalry


Spanish Infantry

Spanish Infantry, Grenadiers

Reamsa Spanish Infantry


Reamsa Spanish Infantry


British Grenadiers

Royal Navy 1805

Series #12 A Call To Arms


Replicants Figures
Painted as a Special Painting Commission

Brunswick Avante Garde

42nd Regt of Foot
The Black Watch 1815

 HäT No. 9002


Airfix Waterloo Highlanders


Scots Greys

Austrian Infantry
Regt No 4 "Deutschmeister"

Italeri 6861


 Italeri 6856


Royal Artillery 1815

Royal Horse Artillery 1815

 Armies in Plastic #5431


 Armies in Plastic #5432


 Wellington,  Blucher and Staff at Waterloo 1815 Dutch Infantry

Italeri 6873

Series #31 A Call To Arms

Belgium Infantry Black Watch 1810

Series #30 A Call To Arms

Thunderbolt Mountain # R103
British Infantry 1810  
Thunderbolt Mountain # R104  

France and Allies

French Infantry of the Line

1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied

 AIRFIX  French Infantry


AIRFIX  French Grenadier Guards 


1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied

 French Light Infantry

TIMPO French Grenadiers


AIRFIX  French Infantry 


French  Infantry & Marine

 Dutch Lancer, French Grenadier,
Engineer of the Guard, Grenadier Drummer, Line Trumpeter, Grenadier 

Reamsa French Infantry


DULCOP French Napoleonic 


French Cavalry of Line

French Infantry of the Line

Reamsa French Cavalry


Reamsa French Infantry


French Line Infantry 1815

4th Regt French Dragoons

 Series # 17 A Call To Arms


HäT  No 9009 


French Carabiniers

French 7th Regt Dragoons

Series # 21 A Call To Arms


A Call To Arms


French 7th Regt Cuirassiers

French 5th Hussar Regt


A Call To Arms


 Italeri 6855


French Guard Foot Artillery 1815

French Line Foot Artillery 1815

 Armies in Plastic #5430


 Armies in Plastic #5429


20th French Dragoon Regt. 

French Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard

Italeri 6862

Italeri 6867

Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard Napoleon's Commanders

Italeri 6868

Italeri 6872

Fusilier Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard French 7th Hussar 1815

 Armies in Plastic #5454

Helmet Soldiers
 Aide-de-Camp & Drum Major 9th Line Infantry Regiment Napoleon and Grenadier Guard
Storme Plastic Figures Thunderbolt Mountain # R101 & 105
 French Infantry Fusilier1810  
Thunderbolt Mountain # R102