METAL 54mm or 1/32 Scale Toy Soldiers

Napoleon's Empress & Marshals
1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied
Marshal Ney , Napoleon, Josephine & Marshal Bessieres
Rose Miniatures  Mini packs 53, 79 & 52
Figures P8, P5 & P9
Napoleon - Army House Kit EN-22
Prince August Mould 80-1
 3 moulds - Officer, Grenadier & Drummer


French Cavalry
Lancer 5 Regt., Dragoon,
Trumpeter of Dragoons de La Garde
Grenadier a Chevel De La Garde 
French Infantry in EGYPT 1798 - 1801
Chasseur, Grenadier, Chasseur
Rose Military Miniatures
 Mini pack Nos. 35, 59, 298  & 277
Figures FN11h, FND1e,  FGD5a & FGC 1b
 Rose Military Miniatures
 Mini pack Nos. 295, 294 & 295
Figures FEI 1b, FEI1b & FEI 1 a
British Infantry & Cavalry
Officer Sharpshooters, Life Guard, Officer Dragoon Guards, Officer 7th Hussars
Royal Artillery
Rose Military Miniatures
 Mini pack Nos. 23, 20, 1 & 25
Figures SE3, BNG1ss, BND3pg & TE2
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French Cavalry 1815
Officer Grenadier a Cheval, Trooper Chasseur a Cheval, Officer Carabiniers
French Line Artillery 1805
Tin Soldier Factory
Set #30,31& 32
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French Infantry of the Line
Voltigeur Company 1805
French Infantry of the Line
Grenadier Company 1805
Prince August Mould 80-1
 2 moulds - Officer & Drummer
with heads from Gunners Mould 80-9
Prince August Mould 80-1
 3 moulds - Officer, Grenadier & Drummer
Gendarme, Veteran, Chasseur and Grenadier of Paris Guard, Grenadier 3rd Regt. Imperial Guard (Dutch Grenadiers) Italian Officer
 1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied (3),
Infantry of the line
(Both in Campaign Dress)
Prince August Mould 80-1
with heads from Gunners Mould 80-9
Tin Soldier Factory
Set #23,22 & 24

Grenadier 3rd Regt. Imperial Guard

(Dutch Grenadiers)

NCO Volunteer Jaeger Coy.
9th Inf. Regt. 1815
Prince August Mould 80-1, 7 & 11
Standard, Sappers, Drummers, Officer & Grenadiers
New Hope Design
British Seamen 1800
Line Fusilier, Fusilier Officer &  Sailor of the Guard
Rose Miniatures
Minipack 207
Figures RN4 a & RN5b
Army House
EN-19,17  & 12
French Infantry of the Line
Voltigeur Company 1812
Colonel Cameron
92nd Regt Gordon Highlanders,
Langley Set W3
Rose Miniatures Minipack No 190 P16
Hinton Hunt - Repainted by me.
French Gendarme of the Line
Black Watch 42nd Regt
Prince August Mould 80-1
with heads from Gunners Mould 80-9
Helenic Miniatures
Piper 71st Regt Foot
French Revolution General
Army House Kit EN-2
Home cast figure
Unknown source - repainted by me.
French 70th Regt Line Infantry
French 2nd Regt. Foot Dragoons
Prince August Mould 80-14
Prince August Mould 80-16
British 95th Rifle Regiment of Foot
British 27th Regiment of Foot
Prince August Mould 80-13
Prince August Mould 80-15
 British Regt of Foot 1815
 French Line Infantry in Greatcoats
Irregular Miniatures
Irregular Miniatures
Chasseur of Guard, Cuirassier, Carabineer, Hussar 4th Regt., 16th Regt. Dragoon & Gendarme
Fusilier Grenadier of the Guard
Army House
EN-10,11, 30, 7, 26  & 9
Prince August Mould 80-1
with heads from Mould 80-14
Tirailleurs Chasseur Officer, NCO Line Infantry
Sapper-  Line Infantry 1809-1815
Battlecast Napoleonic Soldiers
Tradition of London
French Line Fusiliers
French Fusilier Grenadier Drummer 
Lancer of Imperial Guard 1st Regt, Polish Lancer
French Trumpeter Light Infantry
Russian Artillery Gunner
Battlecast Napoleonic Soldiers
N14, 21, 13 & RO7
Figures kindly supplied by Lead Warrior
 Colour Party - 1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied
 Band of the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard
Tradition of London
 Prince August Moulds 80-7 & 11
Band of the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard
Prince August Moulds 80-1,7 & 11
Prince August Moulds 80-17
Officer Chasseur a Pied, Saxon Infantry, Bavarian Infantry & NCO Swiss Infantry
Napoleon on horseback
Battlecast Napoleonic Soldiers
painted as different Regiments
 Prince August Moulds 80-18
7th Hussar Trumpeter & 4th Dragoon Officer
Wellington, Napoleon and Guardsmen
Andrea Miniatures
Supplied by Real Miniatures


Figures supplied with subscription to
Toy Soldier and Model Figure
Casting of RH Guardsman kindly supplied by
William King
French Napoleonic Grenadiers
Prussian Infantry
Landwehr, Guard Schtzen & Muskateers
One More Time Soldiers
recasts in pewter of AIRFIX plastic originals
PN 19,19,7,5,28&22 
A.T.S. Alexanders Toy Soldiers
4th Regt.Bavarian Infantry
Russian Pavlov Grenadiers
BA 5, 4
A.T.S. Alexanders Toy Soldiers
RN 6, 8
A.T.S. Alexanders Toy Soldiers
 French Dragoon & Infantry 'Off Duty'
 French At Ease
Prince August Moulds 80-21
cast by On More Time Soldiers
 Prince August Moulds 80-22
 "Steady the Fifes and Drums"
57th Foot (West Middlesex Regiment) 
Battle of Albeura 1811
Legion Irlandaise
A special commissioned figure for children's TV show
"Foreign Exchange"
Lancer by A.T.S. Alexanders Toy Soldiers
 Prince August Mould 80-1
with heads from Mould 80-14
Drummer Boy 
27th Regiment of Foot
Grenadier carrying drummer boy
Retreat from Russia 1812
S7-F9 Andrea Miniatures
 S7-F26 Andrea Miniatures
Bavarian 2nd Line Infantry Regt 1811, 
Austrian Army 2nd Regt Hungarian 1809 - 1815, 
Austrian Army 15th Regt German 1803 - 1809,
Austrian Army 21st Regt German 1809 - 1815.
Private Highland Light Infantry 71st Foot,
Officer 2nd Regt Chevau-Legers-Lanciers De La Garde,
Sgt Fusilier Grenadier De La Garde,
Trooper Chasseurs A Cheval.
Tradition of London
T5421,54/413, 54/410, 54/407


ROSE Miniatures 
BNS1w, FPL3t, FFG2b, FNC11Spa


Officer Chasseurs A Cheval, Elite Coy.
Carabineer 1808

 Porte-Aigle Infantrie De Ligne
& Tambour De Fusiliers Du 42e Regt.


New Hope Design


Metal Modeles


Spanish Gunner

Batallon de la Universidad de Valencia, 1811

French Artillery of the Line


F.M. Beneito Miniatures # MV34

Metal Modeles

Royal Sapper & Miner

Drummer, 65th Regt French Infantry


Unknown Maker....can you help me ? El Viejo Dragón Miniaturas
Russian Drummer, Artillery of the Line 1812 Nassau Infantry

Durendal Figurines Kit EN-002


Dorset Soldiers


1st Regt of Guards, Prussia

92nd Regt of Foot,

Gordon Highlanders

Dorset Soldiers


Dorset Soldiers


Wounded French Hussar 8th Regt, with Doctor & Nurse, with Orderly carrying bucket

Old & Young Engineer of the Imperial Guard

 Prince August Moulds 80-25

Orderly - converted using Mould 80-1 and spares

Dorset Soldiers


French Chasseur a Cheval Officer , Dragoon Trumpeter, Lancer Officer, 5th Hussar Trumpeter, Cuirassier, Russian Hussar Trumpeter Band of 3rd Infantry Regiment, Naples, 1810
N8,15,7,29,24,R15 Lead Warrior Dorset Soldiers
Russian Hussar Trumpeter, Officer, Gunner, Grenadier Drummer Boys 57th Foot
R15,8 ,7 Lead Warrior & Unknown Russian maker F.M. Beneito Miniatures
Band of The Coldstream Guards 1815 French Line Infantry 9th Regiment Bandsman, 3rd Regt. Imperial Guard (Dutch Grenadier) -Cymbalist and Jingling Johnny, Line Infantry 67th Regiment Bandsman
Tradition of London Lead Army 5564, 60, 50,65

92nd Regt of Foot,

Gordon Highlander Drummer

Imperial Guard Seaman
Lead Army 5567 Lead Army  5554