1700 - 20 ,7 Years War - France, Russia, Britain, Austria, Prussia

British Infantry 1702 - 11
Sentinel Pearce's Regt., Grenadier Prince of Wales Regt.,
Officer Buffs, Grenadier Foot Guards, Sentinel Webb's Regt.

John Churchill

1st Duke of Marlborough


Irregular Miniatures

Rose Miniatures MP 391

Master Gunner-Train of Artillery,

Private Sentinel Earl of Donegal's Regiment c.1702

1st Foot Guards 1705
Sarum Soldiers kits RA1 & QR3 (discontinued) Rose Miniatures
  Sentinel 1705
Grenadier Guard 1735
Stadden 90mm Buckingham Pewter by Chas. Stadden
1st Foot Guards Musketeer & Grenadier 1705 Prince Eugen of Savoy 1704
Tradition of London 54F-MARL-01E & 01-D
Zinnfigurenwelt Katzelsdorf
Mounted Officer, 1st Foot Guards 1705 Officer Queen's Regt 1680
Rose Miniatures 90mm by Chas. Stadden
Sentinel Lord Lucas's Regiment 1705 1st Foot Guards, Centre Coy, 1705
Border Miniatures 10 Rose Miniatures
Drummer, J Churchill's (31st) Regt 1706  
Border Miniatures  
Bavarian Infantry 1705 Bavarian Hartschiere 1717


Ulrich Puchala # 750

Russian General-Admiral Franz Lefort, 1696 Gunner, Russian Artillery 1700
EK Castings EK Castings
Snr Officer, Lifeguard Preobrajenski Regiment,
Russia 1702 - 1725 

Russian Grenadiers:

Dragoon Regiment, 1732-1774,  Preobrajensky Regiment, 1707-20

Unknown make, painted by Maxsim Pavlov

RO5 & R16  Leadwarrior

French Infantry c1758
68th  Guyenne Regt.
 French Royal Artillery 1740's
32 Pdr. Cannon with Crew
Tradition of London
Royal French Artillery 1750 Royal French Artillery 1759
Tradition of London ROSE Miniatures
 French Aquitaine Regiment, Battle of Minden 1759  French La Sarre Regiment 1705

ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
Officer Garde Francaises 1750's Clare Regiment (Irish Wild Geese) 1750s
New Hope Design M124 Prince August 40mm Moulds 904, 911, 910
Infanterie des Colonies, 1690 Arquebusiers de Grassin 1744-49
Infantry Offcier 1750 & Company of Marines 1751
Drummer Conde Regiment 1695
Art Miniature AM 803,811, 797 & 781 Stadden

Grenadier Drummer, Regiment de Navarra , 1767

 Conpangnies Franches de La Marine, Quebec, 1759
Modeles et Allures F2

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Musketeer 1740s Dragoon 1734 & Gardes Francaise 1745
Unknown maker Art Miniature AM 786 & 801
Royal Roussillon Fusilier & Royal Italien Grenadier Lally Regiment, India, 1760
Art Miniature AM 802 & 796/1 Tradition of London 608 1 & 2

Other Nations  

Spanish Drummer

Regiment Soria, Pensacola (Florida) 1781

Art Girona TP-14  
18th c Lady & Gentleman  Edward James Kenway (1693 - 1735)
from "The Assassin's Creed"
Unknown maker - 54mm pewter figures Ronin Miniatures

Drummer, Regiment Garde, Hesse-Kassel  1792

Hanover Band
New Hope Design MA0260 40mm Meisterzinn Moulds

Duke of Cumberland 1745 Infantry Officer, 1750's

Charbens plastic figure,

purchased at London Toy Soldier Show March 2008

General Officer, 1745s
Phoenix G1
Fifer, Grenadier Guards c 1745 
British Grenadiers
36th Regiment of Foot c1750's
Dorset Soldiers
Tradition of London

Grenadiers, 12th (Suffolk) Regiment of Foot

Battle of Minden 1759

Musketeers, 23rd Foot, the Royal Welch Fusiliers, Battle of Minden 1759

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Grenadier, 12th (Suffolk) Regiment of Foot

Battle of Minden 1759

British 23rd Foot & French Regt de Bearn, 1759
Old Guard c 1970

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting


35th Regt. of Foot 1757

The Journey from Fort William Henry - 1757
35th Regt. of Foot attacked by Indians


B.V.Minot Legends in Miniature

Royal Artillery Culloden, 1746

Drummer 3rd (Buffs) Regt of Foot,

Gunner Royal Artillery,

Grenadier 9th (East Norfolk) Regt of Foot c.1750's

F.M. Beneito Miniatures # MV43 Sarum Soldiers kits QR4, RA2 &  BL36 (discontinued)
Drummer, 12th Regt of Foot  Officers of King's Dragoons & Black Watch c 1750
Border Miniatures #31 Stadden

42nd Foot (Black Watch) Musketeer & Grenadiers  1758

42nd Foot (Black Watch)
ROSE Miniatures Hinton Hunt
73rd (Lord McLeod's) & 78th (Fraser's) Regiment of Foot

42nd Foot (Black Watch) Grenadiers

at Ticonderoga 1758

Tommy Atkins


Resin masters kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design
  Drummers 44th, 28th and Grenadier 44th Regiment of Foot - North America 1750's

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Rogers Rangers 1745

Eastern Woodlands Indians 1758

Stadden 40 mm figures Thunderbolt Mountain # 2006 - 2008
Virginian Provincial Regiment Drummer, 1755 Rogers Rangers 1745

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Kindly supplied by John Jenkins Design

Non commercial resin casting

Hessian Fusilier Regt von Berthold, Pte 51st Regt of Foot, Hanover Grenadier von Scheither Regt. , Pte. French Auvergne Infantry - After Minden 1759

Native American Warrior 1750's

Imrie/Risley Miniatures


Tradition of London 610/4
British Infantry 1745 British Infantry 1745
Unknown Russian Makers & Valliant Miniatures

Tommy Atkins

British Infantry 1745 British Infantry 1745

Tommy Atkins

Tommy Atkins

British Infantry 1745 Officers, Ensigns and Sergeant British Infantry 1745

Tommy Atkins & Tradition of London

ROSE Miniatures
 Grenadier 12th Regt of Foot c1750 6th Regt (Inniskilling) Dragoon  1750
80mm Chas. C. Stadden Studios ROSE Miniatures
1st Regt Horse Grenadier &
2nd Regt (Royal North British) Dragoon 1750
5th Regt (Royal Irish) Dragoon 1750
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
British Infantry v Highlander 1745 Battle of Culloden 1745
Pegaso 54-810 Pegaso 54-810


Scots Clansmen 1750's

Highland Clan Chief 1750's
Hinton Hunt Pirated Ukrainian Casting of Lead Warrior 5438
Scots Clansmen 1750's Jacobite Rebellion 1745

Pirated Ukrainian Castings of

Andrea Miniatures SG-F076 &  Lead Warrior 5437

Tommy Atkins
 Highlander 1746
Jacobite Piper 1745
Stadden El Viejo Dragon C3 F06
Highlanders 1745

Scots Clansmen 1750's

New Hope Design

Plastic Cherila Recasts

Highlanders 1745  Highlanders 1745

Tommy Atkins

Unknown Ukrainian maker
Highlanders 1745  Highlanders 1745

Tommy Atkins

Tommy Atkins

Highlanders 1745 Highland Clansman 1689
2 x Stadden, Tradition of London 681/3 & Valiant Miniatures #9949 Thorsberg Miniatures 54-005
Highlander 1745 Highlander Clansmen 1745
75mm Benassi Miniature Tradition of London 681/5&4
 Highlander Clansmen 1745  Highlander 1745
??? & Pirated Ukrainian Casting of Lead Warrior 5438 Resin Bust 1/12 scale Unknown maker
Highlander 1745 Highlander 1745
Ukrainian Casting La Fortezza STO-717
Highlander Clansmen 1745 Highlander Clansman 1745
St Georges Cross Stadden

7 Years War

German Regiments
No38 - Ligne Regt 

No28 - Wied Regt 


Hungarian Regiments
No51 - Gyulai, 
No37 - Josef Esterhazy
 No. 31- Haller 
No2 - Erzherog Ferdinand
No 19 - Leopold Palffy
 Grenz Regiments
 Carlstadt Ougliner
Warasdin Creutzer
Carlstadt Szuiner


CFI 'Savings Brand'
CFI 'Savings Brand' 
CFI 'Savings Brand'
Grenadier 48th, Fusilier 36th, 
Grenadier 7th & Fusilier 3rd Regiments
Austrian Portugal Regt. vs  Prussian 5th Regt.
Battlecast  Miniatures Battlecast Miniatures


Drummer Hungarian Guylai (51st)Regiment

Grenadier O'Kelly Regt (45th) ,

Pandour1 Banal Grenze Regt ,

Fusilier Nikolaus Eszterhazy (33rd) Regt

Hecker-Goros AHG 17

Irregular Miniatures
Zweibrucken Regt. Dragoon, Hessen-Darmstadt Regt. Horse Grenadier  Fusilier, Simbschen Hungarian Regt (53rd), & Drummer, Los Rios German Regt (9th)
Chas. Stadden figure from Tradition of London Chas. Stadden figure from Tradition of London

Hungarian Grenadiers  

Haller (31st)& Guylai (51st) Regiments

Horse Grenadier -  Regt. Sachsen-Gotha , Officer - Hussar Regiment Nadasdy (undress uniform)

Chas. Stadden figure from Tradition of London Tradition of London T54 434 & 435
Gunner, German Artillery & Pandour, Karlstadter Likaner Fusilier German Infantry 1769, Grenadier German Infantry 1757
Tradition of London T54 440 & 441 Tradition of London T54 438 & 439
Hungarian Infantry Officer Regt Joseph Esterhazy & Musketeer  Regt. Gyulay


Pandour Standard Bearer , Karlstadter Likaner

Tradition of London T54 436 & 437 40mm Meisterzinn Moulds
Hungarian Guylai (51st)Regiment Hungarian Guylai (51st)Regiment



Field Marshal Prince Charles of Lorraine 1750 Hungarian Drummer Nikolaus Esterházy (33rd) Regiment 1750
Tradition of London T54 433 Stadden


Prussian Potsdam Grenadiers 1725 Prussian Potsdam Grenadier 1725
PG 1,2,3,4,5&6 Tradition of London
90mm figure by  Tradition of London
Prussian Potsdam Grenadier 1725 Prussian Potsdam Grenadier 1725
Stadden ROSE Miniatures FG1
Prussian Potsdam African Drummer 1725 Prussian Potsdam Grenadiers 1725
Stadden Stadden & Tradition of London
Officer with King Frederick William I
inspecting 2 Potsdam Grenadiers 1730s
Tradition of London T54 013, 012 & 014  
12th Regiment Prussian Infantry 12th Regiment Prussian Infantry

Prince August Kits 408, 409, 402, 405, 402, 405, 401  & 403

Prince August Kits 404, 411, 406, 412, 407, 411 & 410

12th, 10th, 1st Regiments Prussian Infantry 2nd and 3rd Battalion of 15th Regiment Prussian Guards
Prince August Kits 402, 405 and 403 as Musketeers and Grenadiers Prince August Kits 401, 407, 406, 409, 408 & 404

Frederick The Great

Frederick The Great

Frederick the Great & 11th Cuirassier "after Kolin"

Tradition of London

Tradition of London M54-013

Ulrich Puchala # 701, 2

 1st (Brown) & 6th (Green)  Hussars

7th Regt Hussar Kettle-drummer

No.5 von Ruesch or Black Hussar & No 8 von Seydlitz or Red Hussar

ROSE Miniatures  Minipack 399 & 398

Peipp Miniaturen Dresden 45mm

Andrea Miniatures SG-F99
2nd & 3rd Hussars Generals Von Seydlitz & Von Zieten 1757


7th Hussar Trooper

ROSE Miniatures

Tradition of London

40mm Meisterzinn Moulds

 4th, 7th, 9th (Total Death) & 10th Hussars  Senior Officer, Von Zieten or 2nd Hussars General Hans Joachim von Zieten 1760
ROSE Miniatures Phoenix 75mm BARTON Miniatures Ltd 90mm kit BM/J2.

Prussian  13th Regt.
(Garde du Corps), 
1st & 2ndRegt. Cuirassiers

Garde du Corps 1750  No 8 von Seydlitz or Red Hussar

Prince August Kit 413

Ulrich Puchala 777 a & b Tradition of London T54 391
Dragoon & drummer, 5th Regt (Bayreuth)
9th Regt Cuirassier trumpeter, 1st & 11th Regt Dragoons in tavern 1760
Austrian Saint-Ignon Dragoon & Prussian Gens d'Armes 10th Cuirassiers
Ulrich Puchala 772 & Tradition of London M54-24 Hecker & Goros Ulrich Puchala P748 & 749
 Bosniak Lancer Officer Garde du Corps NCO's 1750  
Romeo Models ROM54095 ROSE Miniatures MP245  

Standard Bearer 1st Regt, Drummer 5th Regt Grenadier Guard 6th Regt & 15 Regt Leibgarde,

Officer 16th Regt, Pioneer 22nd Regt, Engineer & Sergeant 50th Regt

Prussian 27th Regt Infantry

Army House Kits EF-6 to 10

Army House Kits EF-11-13, 15, 18

Ulrich Puchala # 723, 725, 728

16th Regt NCO Grenadier,

48th Regt Fusilier

 7th Regt NCO with bear
Grenadier 9th, 22nd, Musketeer 34th, Grenadier 41st, Fusilier 43rd Regiments
Chas. Stadden figure from Tradition of London Hinchliffe
Battlecast Miniatures


Gros Grenadier Flag
1st Guards Battalion (No 15)


Gros Grenadier Band
1st Guards Battalion (No 15)

Grenadier, Jaeger, Fusilier

Tradition of London
T5401,3 & 7
Tradition of London
T54/308 - 311 & 405,406
Irregular Miniatures

Drummer & Fifer 26th Regt

Grenadier Drummer 10th Regiment

Grenadier Fifer 20th Regiment

 Ulrich Puchala # 731/732

Miniwelt SP6 TR1

Miniwelt SP(1-55) PF (3)
2nd Battalion of 15th Regiment Prussian Guards  Pioneer 22nd Regt & Dragoon, 5th Regt (Bayreuth)


Prussian Artillery

40mm Meisterzinn Moulds Ulrich Puchala 710 & 772 40mm Meisterzinn Moulds
Death of Field Marshal Von Schwerin.
at Battle of Prague 6th May 1757
NCO 24th Regt & Grenadier 2nd Regt Grenadier Drummers, of 6th (Grenadier Guard) & 15th (Life Guard) Reginent
Tradition of London
T54/482-6 & M54/23
Tradition of London
T54/506 & 397 with their heads swapped over.

Ulrich Puchala 769 & 769A

Fusilier 41st Regt, NCO 1st Regt & Grenadier 18th Regt Officer dressing with batman 39th Regt & NCO 17th Regt 40th (Fusilier) Regiment c1750
Ulrich Puchala 795, 785 & 781 Ulrich Puchala 711, 712 & 763

Hecker-Goros FRHG 2,1,3 4 & 5

Horse Artillery c 1750 Grenadier 10th, Musketeer 31st  & Fusilier 48th Regt's

Prussian 1st Infantry Regt 

Ulrich Puchala 714 - 20 Ulrich Puchala 778, 784 & 783

Prince August Kit 410, 411 & 412

Grenadier Drummers
1st Infantry Regiment

Officer 27th Regiment

22nd Regiment & Staff Officer

Prince August Kit 406

Stadden Stadden
Grenadiers 1st Regiment Grenadier and drummer 12th Regiment 18th Musketeer Regt
Stadden Stadden Stadden
27th Regt musketeer , Officer & drummer 12th Regt Grenadiers 12th Regiment 1st Regt Musketeers & 48th Regt Fusilier
Stadden Stadden ROSE Miniatures FG11

46th Regt Fusiliers

Grenadiers 18th Regiment
Officer 17th, Grenadier 3rd Bn 15th, Musketeer 1st, Fusilier 46th Regiments & Jaeger Corps zu Fuss.
45mm figures Peipp Miniaturen Stadden 45mm figures Peipp Miniaturen
19th Regiment - Officer
1st Regt Musketeers
Grenadier Drummer 18th Regiment
Tradition of London
Drummer 1st Regt & Musketeer 27th Regt
Foot Artillery c 1750
Fusiliers 42nd Regt

GRENADIERS of all the 55 Infantry Regiments

Regiments 1 - 10
Regiments 11 - 20
Regiments 21 - 30
Regiments 31 - 40
Regiments 41 - 50
Regiments 51 -55
All figures are Prince August Kit 411 and painted with the unique colours of each regiment.