British Forces on Parade 1881 to Present

and Civilians of that period.

Royal Family 

Queen Victoria & Abdul Karim,
Indian servant

 Queen Alexandra,

wife of King Edward VII

Unknown maker, William Britains (QV and seat)

Unknown maker

  King George V King George VI in Coronation Gown 1936
  Asset Miniatures 
Repaint of William Britains Hollow cast Figure

Queen Elizabeth II & Yeoman of the Guard 1960


Timpo & William Britains Repaint of Hollow cast Figure





  Life Guard, 1st (The Kings) Dragoon Guards

  11th Hussars, 14th King's Hussars

Prince August Kit 806


 Prince August Kit 805


  6th Inniskilling Dragoons

 5th, 16th, 17th, 21st Lancers

Britains 2nd grade soldiers  (Repainted by me)


Prince August Kit 804


5th Lancers (Undress Uniform)

Cavalry 1902 Bugler 5th Lancers, Officers from 16th Lancers, 6th Dragoon Guards  & 17th Lancers

Dorset Soldiers


ROSE Miniatures  Mini pack Nos. 231, 60, 69 & 60


Household Cavalry 1833  Horse Guard & Lifeguard Officers

5th Lancers Officer

ROSE Miniatures Mini pack Nos. 22 & 21 Figures SE1 & SE2


Dorset Soldiers


 13th Hussar, Grenadier Guard, 15th Hussar Officers Trumpeter & Trooper 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys)
Repaint of William Britains figures Yeomanry Miniatures
 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussar & North Irish Horse 1910  Worcestershire Yeomanry, Queens own Oxfordshire Hussars & Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Officers
Yeomanry Miniatures DC-14 & Y-38 ROSE Miniatures
Officer Lancashire Hussars 1911, Officer Ayrshire Yeomanry, Trooper North Irish Horse & Officer Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry Officers 17th Lancer 1825,  16th Lancer & Surrey Yeomanry 1911

Sarum Soldiers Y12 &

Tradition of London SQN54-231,230 & 233

Sarum Soldiers BC1, ??, Y7
 17th Light Dragoon 1848 Field Ambulance Nursing Yeomanry 1905
90mm figure by Tradition of London  AS9025 ROSE Miniatures
Lifeguard Officer 1820 17th Lancers Officer - walking out dress
Stadden Stadden
12th Prince of Wales Royal Lancer Warwickshire Yeomanry 1900
Stadden Tradition of London SQN-203


H.M. Guards

Band of the Grenadier Guards

Grenadier Guards

Prince August Kits 800 basic set, 802 & 803 band instruments


Tin Soldier Factory Set #1.


Grenadier Guards

Colour Sgt, Drummer & Guardsman Grenadier Guards

Conversion to make figures with SLR rifle

Kindly supplied by Soldier Pac


 B42,41, 43 kindly supplied by Soldier Pac



Coldstream Guards Colour Party, Grenadier Guards

Yeoman of the Guard

Painted figures kindly supplied by Regiment Soldiers


Repainted Britains Figure


 Coldstream Guards Officer c 1820 Grenadier Guards c 1900 - 30
Stadden casting Charles Biggs castings
Corporal Major Life Guards, Bandmaster & Flute Blues & Royals, Coldstream Guard & Scots Guard.  Welsh Guards Officer
 Repaint of Britains & parts from RP World Models Unknown Maker


Line Infantry

English Line Infantry

The King's (Liverpool) Regiment

Prince August Kit 800 basic set


Prince August Kit 800 basic set


Fife and Drum Corps Middlesex Regiment

Royal Welch Fusiliers c 1900

Prince August Kits 800 basic set,  802 & 803 band instruments


 Asset Miniatures 


 Royal Welch Fusiliers Goat Major & Goat

Officer 2nd (Queen's Royal) Regt of Foot & his Lady c 1821




SarumSoldiers QR10


Drum Corps, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Colours, Officers and Fifers,

 Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

William Britains, Dorset Soldiers

converted and repainted by me


William Britains, Dorset Soldiers

converted and repainted by me

Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, Snr NCO's  Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

William Britains, Dorset Soldiers

converted and repainted by me

Dorset Soldiers
British Infantry Officer 1800, 15, 25, 35 & , 55

Inniskilling Dragoon, Irish Guards Piper, Royal Irish Fusilier, Royal Irish Rifles, Royal Irish Regiment 1910

Sculpted and cast and castings kindly supplied by Alex Sim

Asset Miniatures 

Band of the Ghurkha Rifles


Asset Miniatures 

Dorset Soldiers Ghurkhas with British Officer
Special painting project with 32 figures

Line Infantry Officer c 1900  Band of Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Pt1
Hinton Hunt Dorset Soldiers
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Mascot  Band of Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Pt2
Dorset Soldiers  & repainted Britains antelope Dorset Soldiers

Royal Navy & Royal Marines

 Royal Navy

Royal Marines

 Soldier Pac F 141, F140


Asset Miniatures 


 Royal Marines No.1 Dress c 1990s

Royal Marines

Dorset Soldiers Special painting project with 33 figures


Langley Models   RM 1


Drum Corps, Royal Marines

Bandsmen, Royal Marines

William Britains, converted and repainted by me

 Recasts of Britains & parts by RP World Models

Bandsmen, Royal Marines

 Bandsmen, Royal Marines
Dorset Soldiers Dorset Soldiers
Drum Major, Royal Marines Royal Marine Light Infantry Officer & Family 1895
ROSE Miniatures SarumSoldiers M11
Royal Navy Rating - Tropical Kit Royal Marines
ROSE Miniatures Dorset Soldiers
Royal Marines Royal Marines Colour Party

William Britains, castings

William Britains, castings


 Edwardian - Donkey cart & street musician  Edwardian - Flower Seller
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
Edwardian - Horse and Carriage
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
 In the park

Suffragettes, 1900's

Description: C:\John\webpage\sufert.jpg

ROSE Miniatures

Unknown makers

Policeman & Balloon Seller Suffragette
ROSE Miniatures

Unknown makers

 Edwardian gardeners

 Edwardian Gentlmen
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
Edwardian Ladies Susan B Anthony 1820-1906
ROSE Miniatures Franklin Mint
Pony & Trap 1890 Food Barrow & Organ Grinder
ROSE Miniatures ROSE Miniatures
 In the Park  Costermonger's Wagon
Sarum Soldiers Alexanders Toy Soldiers & ROSE Miniatures
 Railway People Delhi Durbar Civilians
Unknown maker Marlborough Miniatures
 Milk Cart Hansom Cab 1890's
Phoenix Scale Miniatures VC13 & 16 Phoenix Scale Miniatures
The Shooting Party Newspaper readers
ROSE Miniatures Phoenix Scale Miniatures
Chimney Sweep Punch & Judy 1900
ROSE Miniatures Phoenix Scale Miniatures
Fishmonger & Chestnut Seller 1900 General & his lady
Phoenix Scale Miniatures John Eden Studios
By the seaside  Costermonger's Wagon
Phoenix Scale Miniatures Phoenix Scale Miniatures & John Eden Studios
Racehorse Delivery Van 1900
Phoenix Scale Miniatures Phoenix Scale Miniatures
First Outing Shand - Mason Steam Fire Engine
HM of GB Phoenix Scale Miniatures with AIRFIX plastic Crew
Flower Sellers, Milkmaid & Cow Gig and Chestnut Seller
John Eden Studios &

William Britains

Phoenix Scale Miniatures