English Civil War 1642 - 51
English Civil War 1642 - 51
A Call To Arms Series 1
 Command Set
Series 2 A Call To Arms
 Pike men
English Civil War
English Civil War
Series 3 A Call To Arms
 Royalist Musketeers
 Series 5  A Call To Arms
 Royalist Musketeers 
 ECW Artillery
Flemish Drummer 1625
Series 13 & 14 A Call To Arms
 Royalist Artillery
F.M. Beneito Miniatures # MV43

Kettle Drummer, Elector of Saxony, 

30 Years War 1618 -1648

Spanish Infantry Drummer Boy,

Rein of Charles V, 1506–1556

Art Girona T-19 Andrea Miniatures S2-F06
Dragoon Officer - Savoy 1693 Landsknecht Standard Bearer 15th / 16th c
La Fortezza STO-103 ROSE Miniatures Mini pack No 216
Landsknecht Halberdier c1550 King Henry VIII 1509 - 1547
Jubilee Miniatures (Greenwood & Ball) Pagoda ?
Landsknecht Drummer 15th / 16th c Landsknecht c1520
ROSE Miniatures Mini pack No 216 New Hope Design NH100
Athos, Aramis, Porthos & D'Artagnon
from 'The 3 Musketeers'
Moscow Sagittarius, 17 c
Copies of Anderea Miniatures SG-F74, 77, 80 & 73 EK Casting
Border Levy 1595 16th century French Harquebusier
Border Miniatures 80/10 80mm figure

Phoenix Miniatures B6

 Capt Blood, Long John Silver, Blackbeard & Red Dog - Pirates  Pirates
S S Kresce Co Mayer c1985
Pirate boarding Pirate 1665
Andrea PC-09 Andrea PC-08
Pirate Cannon  
Imrie / RisleyS-121, c-36 & 9030