Scottish Regiments of the
British & Commonwealth Armies
54mm or 1/32 Scale Toy Soldiers
2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)
Black Watch 42nd Regt
Trooper and Trumpeter
 Yeomanry Miniatures 
 Highlanders on Parade
Tin Soldier Factory Set # 7a
Black Watch, Highland Light Infantry,
Seaforth, Gordon, Cameron, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Scots Guards, Royal Scots, Kings Own Scottish Borders, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Brigadier's & Soldier Pac Recasts
Soldier Pac Recasts
Seaforth Highlander
Officer, Piper, Private of Black Watch,
Seaforth, Gordon, Cameron, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Soldier Pac # F203
10 figures painted as a special commission


 Prince August Kit 808
Painted as the 5 Higlhand Kilted Regiments
Showing the vesatility of the mould.
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Band
 Pipe & Drums 
2nd Bn Royal Canadian Regiment
Dutkins Li'l Army Moulds LA-2300
Cast by Dennis Zierahn, with my painting
 A special painting commision by me
using FORT DUCAL figures
 Royal Scots
 Officer, Gordon Highlanders 1950's
Soldier Pac Recasts F163
with conversion for Officer
 SS2, Minipack No 32
ROSE Miniatures
 Piper & Drummer Black Watch, Royal Marine
 Royal Scots & King's Own Scottish Borderers
B 5, 6, 36 Brigadier's Toy Soldiers
B13, 10, 11  Brigadier's Toy Soldiers
 Black Watch Colour Party
 Royal Scots Fusiliers, Highland Light Infantry,
 B  2,1,3,4,6,5.  Brigadier's Toy Soldiers
B17, 19,21 Brigadier's Toy Soldiers
Cameronian Sgt. and Royal Scots Piper
Piper, Seaforth Highlanders
Castings kindly supplied by
William King
Gordon Higlanders WW1
 Black Watch c1880
 Soldier Pac castings, with conversion using different heads
 Dutkins 'Lil Army Moulds 
LA 2071,2000,2020,2060,2070,2040,2010,2050
Cast for me by Dennis Zierahn,but my painting
 Black Watch,  Seaforth, Gordon, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,
Side Drummer 1880 - 1914
 Gordon Highlanders 
Pte E Lawson VC in Full dress and on campaign,
with Piper Findlater VC
 at Dargai Heights, India 1897

ROSE Miniatures Mini pack No.73 Figures HSR4

 Made by Gerald Marshall
Scottish Highland Infantry 1915
Black Watch WW1
Armies in Plastic WW1 Highlanders
Gloss finish
TAWBS52 by Toy Army Workshop
Gordon Highlanders WW1
Black Watch WW1
Matte Finish
TAWBS47 by Toy Army Workshop
Gloss Finish
TAWBS49 by Toy Army Workshop
 London Scottish
Black Watch c1890
NW Frontier India
B7& 9 Brigadier's Toy Soldiers
Armies in Plastic Highlanders
Black Watch of Canada
 Combined Pipes and Drums
Royal Australian Regiment
 Dorset Soldiers
Special painting project with 40 figures
 Dorset Soldiers
Special painting project with 28 figures
Drum Major
Australian Army Band
Western Australia

Pipes & Drums of Black Watch

on return from Iraq c2003

FORT DUCAL Dorset Soldiers
 Special painting project with 16 figures
Canadian Guard Piper

Nova Scotia Highlanders

Asset Miniatures  William King
Corps of Drums, Scots Guards Gordon Higlanders c 1900
Special commissioned repaint and conversion of Britains Soldiers Brigadier's Toy Soldiers
 Drum Majors, Royal Highland Fusiliers, King's Own Scottish Borderers & Black Watch Drum Majors  Argyll & Sutherland, Cameron, and Seaforth Highlanders
 Drum major & drummers, Gordon Highlanders Colour Party Scots Guards
FORT DUCAL Special commissioned repaint and conversion of Britains Soldiers
Pipers & CSM Scots Guards Seaforth Highlanders
RP World Models casting of Britains Soldiers Repaint of Britains Highlanders
The new Colonel enters the mess, from the 1950's movie "Tunes of Glory"  Scots Guards
Dorset Soldiers
 Special painting project with 16 figures
Special commissioned repaint and conversion of Britains Soldiers with additional rifles from RP World Models
Cameronian (Scottish Rifles) & Seaforth Officers Tenor and Bass Drummers, Black Watch
Hinton Hunt FORT DUCAL
Scots Guards Tenor Drummers

Officers in Mess Dress late 1800's

In India, Seaforth, Argyll & Sutherland, Royal Welch Fusiliers, Godon, Black Watch & 10th Hussars

FORT DUCAL Various makers inc Ensign, Errol John

Seaforth Highlanders, Drummers

Argyll & Sutherland Pipes & Drums
Grenadier 42nd Regt of Foot 1758, Officer & Sgt 92nd Regt of Foot 1815, Pte Highland Light Infantry 1900 Black Watch, Officer Mess Dress 1999,
Pte Tobruk 1943
Sarum Soldiers BW2, WCS 27 & 28, BL22 Sarum Soldier Bw15, 14
Black Watch - Tel El Kebir 1882 Drummers Royal Scots Fusiliers 1900
Pipers Royal Scots Fusiliers 1900

Officers in Mess Dress late 1800's

Cameron Highlander & Black Watch

Repaint of Britains Unknown makers
Seaforth Highlanders and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Colour Parties Royal Scots Fusiliers 1900
 Britains castings from RP World Models Asset Miniatures 
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1890 Seaforth Highlanders with Argyll & Sutherland Mascot
Unknown maker Repaint of  Britains
 Seaforth Highlanders and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - Colour Parties

Officer Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

in Mess Dress

 Britains castings from RP World Models Unknown maker
 Black Watch 1900  Black Watch 1900
Chas Stadden Chas Stadden
Gordon Highlanders, Middle East 1917 Piper, Cameron Highlanders 1910
Scale Link Tradition of London 110 mm figure - RC110 13
Cameron Highlanders Pipes & Drums Band  
FORT DUCAL  drummers &  Britains pipers  
Officer Black Watch Officer Black Watch
Steadfast Unknown maker
Black Watch 1900  Black Watch Colour Party1900
Chas Stadden Asset Miniatures
Black Watch 1900
Scots Guards & Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Pipe Majors
Chas Stadden Chas Stadden 90mm
Black Watch 1917 Gordon Highlander 1917
Scale Link Scale Link, New Hope Design & Rose Miniatures
 Highlanders, Middle East 1917 Inspection 1916
Rose Miniatures Rose Miniatures & New Hope Design
Black Watch 1900 Black Watch 1900
Chas Stadden modified with rifles slung Chas Stadden