COLLOIDAL SILVER        written by Tessa Jupp Sept 2001

Another controversial subject.  Why silver?

Silver was used as a medicine in the late 1800's and early 1900's, and along with other metals was found
to have germ killing properties.  Remember the silver cutlery we used to use, and silver teapots, milk jugs, sugar basins etc.  These actually provided us with minute amounts of silver that helped us to keep our immune systems healthy.

The communion cup in church was safe to pass from person to person because it was silver.  Ancient Greeks used silver vessels to keep water and other liquids fresh.  Silver coins were put in milk jugs to keep milk fresh when there were no fridges.  Today NASA uses silver water filters aboard space shuttles.  More than half the world's airlines use silver water filters.  Over 125 major USA & Canadian hospitals have silver/copper ionisation machines to eliminate Legionnaires Disease from water systems.  Silver coated bandages are used for wound and burns dressings in some hospitals.

Studies document high levels of colloidal silver (and other minerals) occurring naturally in the mountains streams of the Hunza people who are noted for their longevity and good health.

Dr R Becker, a medical research doctor, has demonstrated that silver electrodes placed at wound sites fight infection and speed tissue repair, most likely because they encourage stem cell production.  Lab tests by the USA Federal Drug Authority show silver is highly effective in reducing population counts of single celled organisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus, yeasts, mould and parasites.

Medical concerns for toxicity appear to be from previous use of silver salts eg in old nasal sprays, causing argyria, where the skin turns grey.  The bottom line is that small doses of silver seem harmless for most people while large doses taken in excess can be toxic, even fatal.  Toxicity is more likely if you are deficient in selenium and Vitamin E. There have not been any of these problems recorded with colloidal silver.

In fact, silver is easily excreted from the body, primarily in urine, then after the first month, more in the faeces. After 3 months all accumulated silver has been eliminated from the body.
First time users should always test silver on the skin first.  Take a few drops of colloidal silver and apply to skin.  If a grey patch appears quickly - do not use any type of silver.  But this is rare phenomenon.
1.  natural antiseptic - kills 1 cell organisms in 6 min
2.  doesn't harm cells of humans or animals
3.  supports the immune system
4.  increases healing of body tissues
5.  preserves food - prevents spoilage
6.  use for any infection incl colds, food poisoning
7.  can be used to purify air, water, swimming pools
8.  can be used safely on animals
9.  can be used on herbs and vegetable gardens
10 can be used orally or externally on skin, eyes etc

Colloidal silver is said to work by killing invading microbes by dissolving an enzyme that metabolises oxygen of primitive organisms.  The cell can't breath, suffocates and dies, usually within 6 minutes.  That is why it is effective on all types of germs, including antibiotic resistant ones.  Colloidal silver is a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that transfers oxygen thru' the cell wall, but does not itself react chemically within the body.

Colloidal silver assists healing by enabling a de-differentiated cell to be formed as well as a duplicate cell when a normal cell divides.  This special cell can change into any type of body cell that is needed in the body, anywhere, like stem cells, so helping repair of cells.

Silver is also said to provide intrinsic factor to the stomach.  This is essential for gut absorption of B12.  Colloidal silver may eradicate problem bacteria in the gut whilst sparing the "good" bacteria.  If a larger dose of silver is taken with plenty of water, the silver effect may reach the large intestine and heliobacter and candida be eliminated.  If  gut disturbance does occur, yoghurt will quickly correct.
Do not store in fridge or freezer or near electrical  appliances.
Do not heat colloidal silver.
Protect from light and oxygen.
Store in glass containers.
Takes 4 days to be completely effective.
Need to drink lots of extra water when taking silver.

Good quality colloidal silver is as clear as water.  Exposure to oxygen turns colloidal silver yellow and finally dark brown.  Add a little light and it quickly turns black.  (Remember tarnish on silver cutlery.)  Colloidal silver is sold in dark brown bottles for
this reason.  But this is not sufficient.  Light getting through the bottle can stop the silver working effectively.  Always keep bottle wrapped or in a box or dark cupboard.

Good quality colloidal silver is available from the Polio Office, sold in a box to guarantee that it will not "go off".  Price is $22 including GST.  It can be mailed to you.  Add $5.10 for postage.  Ring me for more info.