To determine the most effective dose of carnitine for each person –

1.  Start with 1 carnitine capsule 250mg or ½ a 1ml scoop (provided) of carnitine powder in about an inch of water.  Swallow every morning as soon as you get up.  (I usually put more water in the cup to make sure I get all the dregs and don’t miss out on any of the carnitine.)

2.  Every 2-3 days increase the dose by another capsule or another ½ a scoop.  This will give your body time to adjust to the change in dose and for you to realise your bowels are getting too loose before it becomes too big a problem.

3.  When you get diarrhoea, reduce the dose by the last increase.  This will give you the optimal dose for you at this point in time.  (One member can say that at 5 he is still tired, at 6 he feels great, and at 7 he gets diarrhoea – the right dose is that critical)  Most people take 2-4 capsules worth.  Some may only need 1 (250mg).  Others (rarely) may need up to 10-12 capsules worth (3,000mg) per day.

4.  However, on days that we are doing a lot more physically than normal, we may need some extra ½ an hour before doing things like swimming, playing golf, shopping, going out at night etc.

5.  Some people may need to increase the dose because now that they feel better they are doing more so need more carnitine to keep up the extra workload.  Taking carnitine doesn’t give us licence to paint the town red though.  Keep activities down to what is comfortable without stressing the body.

6.  Carnitine is better taken as a single dose first thing in the morning to enable our muscles to function through the day.  DO NOT TAKE AT NIGHT or it will keep you awake.  It is to give you energy for the day.  People report sleeping better when taking carnitine as muscles are less stressed.