Abortive Polio - Can it result in Late Effects Too?
Anaesthesia Issues
Answers for the Questionnaire
Anxious, stressed, brain fog - try Glutamine

Arthritis & Herbs
Arthritis - Away with Arthritis
Arthritis - Jelly Good for Arthritis
Benefits of Vitamin D
Betty Clark - Australia's First Iron Lung Mother
"Blind" Diet - Macula Degeneration, Vegetable Oils
Blood Group climatic food chart
Blood Group Diet - Eat Right 4 Your Type (review of D'Adamo's book)
Blood Pressure - Lower with Cocoa Products
Boron - Away with Arthritis
Breathing - Buteyko
Breathing Correctly
Broken Leg - Debbie's Story
Buteyko - Successful Breathing
Iodine needed for Breast & Prostate cancers
Carb Soda Drink
Carnitine Dosage - by Trial and Error
Carnitine for Energy
Carnitine for Polios Children and Grandchildren
Carnitine - Serum Carnitine Levels 2002
Carnitine - Serum Carnitine Levels in Post Polio
Children of Polio Mothers
Cholesterol - High Blood Pressure & Diabetes have in Common
Cholesterol - Reduce with Vitamin C
Cholesterol - Reducing Cholesterol
Cholesterol Reducing Drugs & Post Polio
Cinnamon and Honey Drink
Cinnamon - Medicinal Uses
Cocoa Products - Lowers Blood Pressure
Colds - Coping with Winter Ills
Colds - First Aid for Colds and 'Flus
Colloidal Silver
Copper Toxicity - Can it affect Post Polio
Cravings - what they mean
Dental Alert
Depression - Beating Depression
Depression - Don't kick the Dog
Depression - Me??
Diabetes - High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol have in Common
Diabetes - Not for me
Diet - NO-Grain, Lemon Diet
East Africa - Polio, Diet & Disease
Eat Right 4 Your Type (review of D'Adamo's book)
Why do we eat? - and what does it matter
Eating well - trust your instincts
Exercise - To Exercise... or Not?
Eye Nutrients
Falls - Had a Good Fall Lately?
Falls Prevention
So I had a Fall - what next?
What Polio Fatigue feels like
The Many Faces of Fatigue
Feet - Polio Blue Feet - Explained by Dr Bruno
Feet - Polio Feet Problems
Feet - Why Look after your Feet?
Fiona Stanley Rehab Hospital - where to go
'Flus - Coping with Winter Ills
'Flus - First Aid for Colds and 'Flus
Gelatine - Jelly Good for Arthritis
Getting Older
Hair - Reflects our State of Health
Hand Washing
Healthy Joint Nutrients
Heart Attack
High Blood Pressure - Cholesterol & Diabetes have in Common
Holiday Syndrome
Home Remedies that Really Work
Homocysteine Unveiled
IDB - Shenton Park Campus
Inside a Joint
The Food, Thyroid, Iodine Link
Iodine needed for Breast & Prostate cancers
Iron Lung Mother - Betty Clark
Leaky Gut & Immune System
Liver Cleanse - Taurine
Macula Degeneration - "Blind" Diet, Vegetable Oils
Magnesium - Do I need Magnesium or Zinc?
Magnesium Dosage - by Trial and Error
Magnesium is a Miracle
Magnesium to Relax?
Manganese for Tendons
Manganese for Tinnitus
Medical Warnings
Nerve function - B vitamins essential
Old Polios - Where do they go?
One Night Stand - Pace Yourself
Osteoporosis & Post Polio
Paul Berry - End of an Era
Polio Above the Neck
Polio - a Bright Future
Polio Blue Feet - Explained by Dr Bruno
Polio in a Nutshell
Polio in Utero
Polio Virus - know your old enemy
Polio - What is Polio
Poop - the Scoop on Poop
Post Polio - What is Post Polio
Prostate Cancer - Avoiding or Treating
Shenton Park Rehab/Annexe
Silver Water - Colloidal Silver
Sleep Apnoea
Sleep - Did you Sleep Well?
Sleeping Problems
Statins - Cholesterol Reducing Drugs & Post Polio
Statins - New Research
Stiffness - old age? or low Manganese
Surgery - Be Prepared
Surgery Another Point of View

Surviving the Doctor
Syndrome X
Taking Carnitine and other Supplements
Taking Medicine
Taurine & Liver Cleanse
Ten Commandments by Dr Bruno
Tendons - Manganese
The Food, Thyroid, Iodine Link
Tinnitus - Manganese for Tinnitus
Unfinished Business
Viruses - Polio, Cold & Flu
Vitamin B12 and Polio
Vitamin B12 - could this be you?
Vitamin C - How it works
The Vitamin D Cure
Winter Ills - Coping with Winter Ills
Zinc - Do I need Magnesium or Zinc?