1.  Vitamin C  - natural anti-inflammatory/raises pain threshold
2.  Magnesium relaxes muscles so reduces inflammation 
3.  Manganese reduces inflamed tendons. 
4.  Fish Oils - omega-3 fats EPA & DHA are anti-inflamm-atory so reduce joint inflammation & promote joint lubrication 

Asthma/hayfever/post nasal drip
1.  Slow breathing into brown paper bag may avert attack.
2.  Sit with hands behind head to expand lungs
3.  Place a little mineral sea salt under tongue
4.  Extra magnesium Vit C & B5, Vit A to prevent attacks

1.  Apply direct pressure for 1 - 5 minutes
2.  Pepper - white, black, cayenne.  Apply to fresh wound 
     NB White pepper doesn’t sting as much as cayenne!
3.  Apply Ice to area - constricts blood flow
4.  If wound deep, gaping or ragged see doctor for stitches

Boils, Splinters
1.  Pure soap grate with a little sugar & hot water, make into a poultice & apply.  Leave on to draw. 
2.  Magnaplasm (chemist) on bandaid - same job.
3.  Honey draws well too
4.  Grated potato poultice 
5.  Onion flesh draws out too

1.  Wrap the bruised area in grated potato peelings (apply like a poultice) - draws out the bruising
2.  Rub in Hirudoid ointment from the chemist ASAP
3.  Rescue Remedy - available from chemist or health shop

1.  Run under cold/warm water immediately
2.  Wash with cold black tea or spray vinegar
3.  Dust with cornflour or arrowroot
4.  Apply Colloidal silver, honey, egg white, emu oil or aloe vera to raw surface to assist healing

Colds/flu/sore throat/sinus/runny nose/cough
1.  Gargle with lemon juice and salty water
2.  Gargle with Colloidal silver then swallow for sore throat
3.  Take 20 - 60 mls Colloidal silver 4 hourly till symptoms resolve but drink     plenty of water as well
4.  Sip Colloidal silver to stop coughing
5.  Sip hot boiled lemonade (any aerated water) to relieve congestion    anywhere. Lasts 30 mins.  Use as often as like.
6.  Take Vit C 1000mg 2 - 4 hourly to bowel tolerance
7.  Take Vit A & zinc for sinus and other body linings
8.  Apply Vicks under nostrils or hot inhalations
9.  Avoid milky foods
10. Drink lemon juice and chicken vegetable broth

Cold sores
1.  Take lysine tabs- prevents virus from becoming active. 
2.  Avoid chocolate as arginine in it promotes cold sores
3.  Apply Vitamin E directly and also take it internally.
4.  Apply Ice to relieve itch.
5.  Apply Tea tree oil with cotton bud to cold sore
6.  Take extra zinc & Vit A

1.  Magnesium - excess magnesium acts as a laxative as in epsom salts  & Milk of Magnesia so take chelated magnesium to bowel tolerance  will provide enough to go around 
2.  Same applies to excess Vitamin C 
3.  Water - absorbed from gut contents if dehydrated
4.  Eat more fruit - incl prunes, figs, raisins, sultanas
5.  Essential fatty oils - olive oil, fish oils, remember caster oil

1.  Need more potassium - eg bananas, apple cider, Slow K 2. Cranberry juice (pure, unsweetened, extract)
3.  Drink more boiled water to flush kidneys
4.  Drink lemon barley water to flush kidneys 
5.  Take Ural (urinary alkaliser) 3 times a day for 3-4 days

1.  Sip 1 teaspoon of malt vinegar over 5 minutes.
2.  Colloidal silver - drink 60ml 4 – 6 hourly for 24 hours
3.  Eat freshly grated apple - preferably granny smith
4.  Stop eating for 24 hours then start with dry toast/crackers
5.  Sip only boiled water for 24 hours
6.  Gastrolyte (from chemist - restores electrolyte balance) lemon barley or rice water.  Take 4 hourly for 2 - 3 days.
7.  For persistent diarrhoea put 1 teaspoon of pepper in one inch of brandy in a glass.  Mix well and take it last thing at night - works like magic. Will have no further problems.

1.  Glare intolerance - need Vit A (cod liver oil)
2.  Red, bloodshot, itchy, gritty eyes take Vit B2
3.  Sore tired eyes - get more sleep and Vit B2.
4.  Allergic eyes - take Vit C & Vit B5 (= cotisone)
5.  Poor clarity and faded vision  take Vit A & taurine.  Eat orange & dark leafy green veg. 
6.  Sore, hard, firm to pressure eyeballs may indicate too much Vit A or taurine (resolves as soon as stop taking) or check for hyper thyroid condition with doctor.
7.  Foreign body in the eye - run under tap or bath with salty water or black tea.  Dab with caster oil or olive oil on cotton wool to remove splinter in eye or see doctor.
8.  Sty or Pus in eyes - drop in 1 - 2 drops of pure colloidal silver 2 - 3 times a day until cleared (may sting at first but OK) or wash in warm salty water.  Avoid draughts blowing on eye.

Gall Bladder/Gall Stones/Liver
Take 100% lemon juice, taurine powder (health food shop) & Vitamin E to dissolve stones.  Take magnesium as well for stone prevention. 

Headaches / Migraine
1.  Magnesium - relaxes tight muscles causing headache
2.  Vitamin E  orally

Indigestion/heartburn/reflux/acid stomach
1.  Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar immediately before eating or during      meal instead of antacids.  It works!
2.  Drink slippery elm powder (supermarket/health foods)
3.  Avoid wheat & grain based or fatty foods that repeat

Insect nuisance
1.  Spit (saliva) on bite for immediate relief.
2.  Dust bite with cornflour or arrowroot.
3.  Avoid sugar - sugar makes you very attractive to mosquitoes, flies,      bacteria and viruses.
4.  Tea-tree oil applied will help relieve the itch.
5.  Vinegar may be applied if there is any swelling.
6.  Bi-carb soda helps with itch and/or swelling.
7.. Sprinkle salt or cucumber skin to deter ants. Pour ½ cup of boiling water to dissolve ¼ cup of sugar, stir in a tablespoon borax.  Place in flat containers near ants to kill them.  Keep away from pets.
9.  Banana in the bottom of a greased jar is a fantastic trap for cockroaches.     Rosemary and/or lavender are both good deterrents.

1.  Zinc - essential to convert short term memory to long term memory.      This occurs while you are asleep.  It is like the “Save” button on the computer.  Helps with sleep too.  Take at night for memory & sleep.  Take in the morning to help with learning.  Kids with ADD need lots of zinc!
2.  B12 peps up the brain.  Is needed for the myelin sheath that insulates the     nerves so helps to get the message thru’.  If white moons on thumbs are less than 1/3 up from nailbed you need B12.  If disappeared then need B12 injections.
3.  Glutamine needed for mental alertness & stress
4.  Exercise - gentle.  Latest findings are 3 lots of 10 minutes is better than      1 lot of 30 minutes - produces less free radicals.  Improves oxygen levels, and hence blood flow.

Mouth ulcers
1.. Take Vitamin B3 in large doses
2.  Mouth rinse area with Colloidal silver for 6 - 10mins or more then  swallow, 3 - 4 times a day
3.  Salt water mouth washes then spit out 
4.  Apply Bonjela ointment from chemist
5.  Apply Tea-tree oil to the ulcer with a cotton tip

Nausea/vomiting/morning or motion sickness
1.  If an infection - ie tummy wog or food poisoning. Take 60 ml Colloidal Silver 4 - 6 hourly for 2 - 3 days.
2.  Stop eating for 24 hours!  When start only dry toast or cracker biscuits.   Avoid milky foods/drinks.
3.  Take extra B6 & manganese
4.  Eat high only protein foods in small amounts
5.  Eat freshly grated apple
6.  Sip Gastrolyte (chemist) to restore electrolyte balance at 4 - 6 hourly  intervals for 2 - 3 days for prolonged vomiting.
7.  Eat ginger, peppermints / drink ginger beer/tea

Nits and Lice
1.  Rub olive oil into scalp & hair, wrap in glad-wrap for a few hours,  use nit comb then wash. 
2.  Rub in hair conditioner - leave on for a few hours then use nit comb & wash.

Scar Tissue
1.  Vitamin E   - oral or cream reduces scarring
2.  Dust with cornflour - speeds healing
3.  Dab colloidal silver - promotes stem cell healing
4.  Take extra Vit C & zinc

Smelly Feet or Tinea
1.  Take more zinc orally daily
2.  Apply Colloidal silver to area for infection
3.  Dry thoroughly between toes and apply cornflour or ointment eg Ungvita 

Varicose veins/ haemorrhoids
1.  Take extra Vit B2 & Vit E
2.  Exercise & elevate
3.  Apply hirudoid ointment (chemist)

Warts/Plantar Warts/corns/callouses
1.  Cut fresh banana skin to size & strap on for 24 hours taking care not  to touch normal skin.  Repeat for 2 - 3.
2.  Smear with own early morning spit
3.  Apply Colloidal silver or Vit A oil from cut capsule directly onto wart or rub in unvita ointment daily until goes.