Manganese is still in great demand. We currently stock the Nature's Own Manganese Chelate 200mg - equivalent to elemental manganese 20mg.  Many people reading the suggested dosages in this article were confusing the chelated amount with the elemental amount so we now specify both.
A few easily fixed problems, using manganese - 

Have you ever found you are stiff initially, getting out of bed or from sitting too long - in a chair, in the car, wherever? Does it take a while to get moving again? 

No - it is NOT just because you are getting older and more arthritic! 

You are likely to find that by taking some extra manganese (200mg - 800mg daily equivalent to 20mg - 80mg elemental) you can be back to the agility of younger days. Simple!Easy!No pain! 

Manganese works on tendons- lax or tight - it allows them to work properly.It also has an effect on the balance centre in the inner ear. We can lose our ability to know where we are positioned in space.So we end up with bruises from bumping into doorways and furniture. We get clumsy - and drive erratically. 

All fixed with extra manganese! 


I found these pictures in an anatomy book. 

It shows very clearly, the tendons holding  the 3 little bones in the middle ear in place. 

They transmit sound from the ear drum vibrating through to the oval window of the cochlea, where the vibrations are picked up by nerves in the inner ear and translated by the brain as speech and voices or "wonderful" or "awful" music depending on your point of view).  If these tendons aren't holding the bones in place properly, allowing them to "wobble" on their own, the brain picks this up as "ringing in the ear" or tinnitus. 


So many people have reported getting rid of tinnitus altogether when on manganese and getting it back when they have stopped taking it. (If the tinnitus has been for a long time or is severe, you may lessen it but not get rid of it completely as permanent damage has occurred.) 

Usually tinnitus needs 600mg daily equivalent to 60mg elemental to make a difference. If you have twinges or pain in any joints, stiff or wry neck, droopy eyelids, hearing loss, clumsiness, carpel tunnel or tennis elbow, torn or pulled tendons, you may need to take more.(up to 1200mg equivalent to 120mg elemental for tendon injuries.)