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Here is a brief summary of the topics covered in our recent newsletters:

December 2019 Vol 30 No 4
Vale Brenda Lake, AGM Reports, What are your Feet Trying to Tell You?, Massage Oils for Aches and Pains

September 2019 Vol 30 No 3
Poliowa is 30 years old!, Dehydration: water needed urgently for energy and pain, Polly Farmer, Questionnaire

June 2019 Vol 30 No 2
Late Effects and Orthotic Clinics at Fiona Stanley Rehab, Ron & Joy Leggett, Clinical Practice Workshops in WA, Cold or Flu – what have I got, Foods that help us to not be sick, Effect of Polio on Nerves & Muscles, Polio muscle energy

March 2019 Vol 30 No 1
Polio Australia Workshops, Parasites, Preventing Parasite Infestations, Common foods to get rid of Parasites, Benefits of Celery and Celery Seeds, Listerine

December 2018 Vol 29 No 4
A Terrifying Experience by Jenny Jones, The Pain Jigsaw, Reducing Inflammation, Blood Groups – Eat by Instinct

September 2018 Vol 29 No 3
The Amazing Pumpkin Seed, Alternatives to Statins, Bladder Problems, Dehydration, Cold increases muscle& joint aches, Getting a better sleep

June 2018 Vol 29 No 2
Polio Health and Wellness Retreat, Cataracts and castor oil, Other benefits of castor oil, Late Effects of Disability Clinic update

March 2018 Vol29 No 1
Blood Groups, What have Menopause and Post Polio in common? Why we need Magnesium & Zinc, Potassium, B6 and Coconut Oil & Borax

December 2017 Vol28 No 4
Heart Attack, Carnitine and Heart, What is Physical Fitness as we age?

September 2017 Vol 28 No 23
Vale Dr John Stokes Niblett ML, Knee Replacement?, What helps with Joint Problems, Gelatine – more to jelly than meets the eye, 21 reasons to add gelatine to your diet, Why we all need a bit of Borax

June 2017 Vol 28 No 2
A Fresh Look at Diabetes, Fatty Liver and |Diabetes, Fiona Stanley Clinic Questionnaire

March 2017 Vol 28 No 1
Embrace the Brace, Supplements – Glutamine, How Good is your Balance?, Importance of Chewing, The Digestive Process, Shingles

December 2016 Vol 27 No 4
Highlights from the Sydney Polio Conference, Pace & Space – the new “ïn” word, Dynamic Bracing Solution, Surgery & Anaesthetics, After the Conference – Dizziness?

September 2016 Vol 27 No 3
How to successfully take Carnitine to increase energy and endurance, Carnitine and diet for Polios, 20 year carnitine blood tests review, Summary of Answers to Questionnaire

June 2016 Vol 27 No 2
Queen’s Birthday 2016 OAM Award to Tessa for “Service to community health”, Do nutritional supplements work or not?, Sydney Polio Conference Speakers & Abstracts, Carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid for Nerve Function

March 2016 Vol 27 No 1
Manganese now available, More Carnitine makes a difference, Is K2 the wonder Vitamin we all need?, Could Vit K2 replace statin drugs?, Coughing up the truth, Vitamin B3 needed for skin damage