(after June 2013 the whole newsletter is in PDF format)

Here is a brief summary of the topics covered in our recent newsletters:

December 2015 Vol 26 No 4
2016 Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference, Hooray for Left-overs, The importance of Sleep, Common Sleep Problem Solutions, Vitamin K2 and vascular & bone health

September 2015 Vol 26 No 3
Cautionary Tales re “Post Polio”, Polio Story: Feldenkrais saved me!, Vitamin B1 and healthy blood vessels, Effect of high blood sugar and low B1 on eyes, Dry Eyes explained

June 2015 Vol 26 No 2
Update on Late Effects Clinic at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Polio Story: Magic of Manganese, Practical First Aid for Winter Ills, Why Vit B1 is important for polio, Eliminate Nerve Pain Naturally, Dealing with Blood Sugar Control ie Diabetes

March 2015 Vol 26 No 1
So this is what Post-Polio fatigue feels like!, Tessa Jupp and family, Food Cravings - do they mean something?, Eating well - trust your instincts, The Food, thyroid, iodine link, Iodine needed for Breast and Prostrate cancers

December 2014 Vol 25 No 4
IDB - Shenton Park Campus, Fiona Stanley Rehab Hospital - where to go, B12 - one man's story, Why B Vitamins are essential for nerve function

September 2014 Vol 25 No 3( Part 1 and Part 2)
Fiona Stanley Rehab Hospital, 25 years - the birth of Poliowa, So I had a Fall - what next?, Stiffness - old age? or low Manganese, Are you anxious, stressed, brain fogged? - try Glutamine, Why do we eat - and what does it matter?, Blood Group Food Chart

June 2014 Vol 25 2
Shenton Park Closing, NDIS, Polio Story: Jim Shepherd, Causes of Pain, Magnesium - needed for more than muscles, Vit C for winter germs, Taurine

March 2014 Vol 25 No 1
Book Review by MEDICUS: Poliomyelitis in Western Australia: a history, Polio Story: Phil Shedley, Polio Statistics for Australia, Weight Loss - the elephant's sufficiency, Osteoporosis and Arthritis

December 2013 Vol 24 No 4
Cutting out cheese and yoghurt relieves pain, Polio Story: Kevin Lehane, Polio Book Launch, Aging Polios need their independence

September 2013 Vol 24 No 3
Grand Polio Party, Polio Story: Kevin Lehane, Sitting kills, Moving heals, Questionnaire Answers, Pain is in the Brain, Brain Power - Neuroplasticity, Need Salt to sleep?

June 2013 Vol 24 No 2
Notes from the Adelaide Polio Retreat April 2013, Polio Story: Paul Bezuidenhout, So how do we know if we are having a heart attack?, Can Nutrient Deficiencies be Causes of Heart Failure…, Carnitine good or bad for heart??, Dr Niblett treats cancer in PNG

March 2013 Vol 24 No 1
Carnitine works for me!, Polio Stories: Peter Taylor, Hugh Mackay, Synergy - why we need zinc with Vitamins A & D, Why is Vitamin A so important?, Nutrients needed for eyesight, Dangers of Excess Calcium - heart attacks??