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Serum Carnitine Levels - 2002 - ABSTRACT:  Results to date of an on-going study on the effects of supplemental carnitine as an effective treatment of fatigue and muscle pain occurring as post polio symptoms in Western Australian polio survivors.  A surprising finding made by the Polio Clinic, is that increasing numbers of children and even grandchildren of polio survivors are presenting to the Clinic, experiencing similar symptoms of fatigue and muscle pain, test low with serum levels and also respond well to the use of supplemental carnitine. 
Carnitine for Polios - Fatigue and muscle pain occurring in post polio may be due to low carnitine levels in the body.  The health of your children and grandchildren may also be at risk because you had polio!!
Serum Carnitine Levels in Post Polio  ABSTRACT:A progressive study of serum carnitine levels (over 250 polio survivors as at 1/12/99) as a treatment criteria for Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).  PPS as defined - the symptom cluster of new weakness, fatigue and pain resulting in declining ability and/or new disability, corresponds with symptoms for carnitine deficiency. 
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