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See our Newsletters, Booklets and Research for many interesting easy to read articles on topics like how to solve Muscle Pain using Magnesium, Joint Pain using Jellies, Fatigue with Red Meat (Carnitine), Beating Depression and many more including Serum Carnitine Levels - 2002.

PPNWA is a self help group of Polio survivors in Western Australia, formed to improve the ability of members to function as independently and with as few problems as possible as they reach a mature age. 

Polio people are renowned for their independence.  In WA we try to come up with ways to maintain our own control over what is happening to us.  Many of the options we have found in dealing with "late effects" are simple self-help methods that can apply to anyone but may be of particular significance for polios.

At the WA Polio Clinic we have gathered a lot of varied useful information that you can access and we are always looking for more...

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