"Nutrients for Healthy Joints" written by Tessa Jupp RN

If we can try to work out exactly what part of the joint and moving areas are giving us problems then it is easy to know what we are lacking that is allowing this to go wrong and so start to get more available to heal.

We all think arthritis and joint pain means bone - but this is not necessarily so.  We may need to look at some of the other areas too.

If it is the bone then we need to understand a bit about how bone works.  Bone renewal is ongoing.  Even the strongest bone is completely replaced every 12 years.  Bone is built like a silkworm spinning a cocoon.  At the site of the old bone cell that needs destroying by the osteoclast then replacing by the osteoblast, a flimsy framework or matrix is formed, that gradually gets filled in with a collagen base like cartilage that is eventually solidified with minerals.  When we fracture a bone the same process is used to mend the fracture.

FOR FRACTURES - taking extra boron and magnesium will take the pain out of the fracture in 2 days and hasten healing to a strong repair.

In this bone building process the body will need gelatine or glucosamine, boron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, silicon, Vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids like fish oil, just to name some of the major items.  Calcium is also part of bone building of course but in WA most people have sufficient calcium as our food is grown on limestone so it is the other lesser minerals that are important for us.  Endurance exercise will deplete the bone as minerals are needed to sustain muscle function but weight bearing, non-exhausting exercise will stimulate bone growth. Spurs - a good example of extra bone growth.

The outer edge of the bone at the ends where they meet ie the joint, have a protective covering of cartilage.  Traditionally the body has used foods like jelly and gelatine (boiled down animal cartilage) as the precursor to human cartilage formation.  Glucosamine is a new form of similar construction with a few more supplements mixed in with it.  Cartilage also needs manganese, silicon, sulphur (ie MSM), Vitamins C, E and water.  Cartilage is  broken down by aspirin, NSAID drugs and sugar in the diet.

TENDONS ( & Ligaments)
The fibre of tendons is interlaced with the linings and outer tissue of the bone.  It needs to be well anchored as it takes up the tension of the muscle to move the bone.  When the tendons play up we get stiffness after sitting, twinges across joints and a disconnected feeling. (May get tinnitus or droopy eyelids too.)
Main items needed are manganese and maybe gelatine or glucosamine,  Torn or inflamed, swollen tendons respond well to supplemental manganese.  May need a large dose (132mg elemental) for months or even years if badly damaged.  Low dose supports.

Muscles are joined to tendons in a similar fashion to tendons to bone.  Muscles are the powerhouse to move the bones.  The primary things that will be needed (provided we eat to fuel the muscles - meat and veg primary sources of energy) are carnitine (in red meat) to transport energy in and magnesium to allow the muscle to relax.  Calcium contracts the muscle but we usually have plenty of that.  So if we have problems with tight muscles - cramps, aches, headaches, backaches etc take more magnesium.  If we run out of energy and fatigue easily then try carnitine.  (Ring to get blood test form before taking any carnitine and watch quality.)  Low potassium will give muscle weakness and again muscles need manganese, Vit B1 and water to function.

Likely to get twinges on moving joint if this is a problem.  Primary needs are Vit B6, C and A.

Joint will probably be tender and there may be some grating of bone on bone.  Nutrients needed include essential fatty acids like fish oils, glucosamine, silicon, MSM, zinc, manganese and grape seed.

Bursas are balloons of synovial fluid cushioning bones and tendons.  If inflamed there will be a sharp pain on movement as they get pinched.  B12 injections daily or at least weekly will resolve in 4-6 injections usually.  Vit C and MSM also help.  B12 injections for spurs too.

Stabbing electric shock type pain or pins and needles.  Usually caused by nerve entrapment so fix cause eg carpal tunnel caused by swollen tendons so treat with manganese to reduce swelling.  Need Vit B6 for the nerve damage and possibly B12 too.

Boron and gelatine help with arthritis.  And many of the other things already mentioned because they are part of the joint but the primary thing is to stop eating or doing whatever is causing the problem.  This is likely to be food toxins from wheat products, citrus, potato, cucumber, meats, sugar etc or wear and tear.